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Melody McOcean (6:38)
Rain Forest (6:44)
Lullaby and Finale from The Firebird (4:16)
Atlantic High (2:06)
Samba de Orfeo (3:11)
Theme and Variations (2:58)
May This Be Love / Casey Jones (3:25)
Intro to Ocean Waves / Ocean Waves (6:20)
Juroscho Ascopi (5:28)
St. Patrick's Hymn (2:37)
Bonus Tracks on CD: Layla (5:15)
The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (2:30)
Rain Forests, Oceans and Other Themes

from the CD Booklet

Theme and Variations (Louis Hardin)
Terry Robb: guitar, John Fahey: guitar
Guy Maxwell: percussion and Yamaha RX15 Scott White: bass; arranged by Terry Robb

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