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Be A Hobo (0:35)
Hoboken Saturday Night (3:00)
The Eyes of A New York Woman (3:08)
Ragtime Millionaire (3:20)
Someday (2:47)
Our Sister The Sun (7:20)
Reciprocity (3:23)
Trip On Me (2:45)
Now Then Sweet Man / Mr. Garfield (3:07)
Reincarnations (3:15)
Glade Song (3:00)
Ducks (5:40)
Hoboken Saturday Night (1970)

from the CD Booklet

It was something else too - the bohemian. Why else begin with a 35-second opening snatch composed by blind Manhattan street musician Louis "Moondog" Hardin, for decades a fixture in his viking or Native American leathers at Sixth Avenue and 54th Street? "Be a hobo and go with me / From Hoboken to the sea," quaver Faust and Barth over Palmer's recorder obligato and somebody's bongos. (Robert Christgau)

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