John Henry:

MOONDOG & THE LONDON SAXOPHONIC: Sax Pax for a Sax - Atlantic


Jazz-CDs for July-August

Remember Moondog? The amazing blind composer and percussion made many albums of both jazz and classical material some years ago. He used to haunt the streetcorners of Manhattan but moved to Germany some years ago. His new recording project honors Adolph Sax and again blurs the lines between jazz and classical. He employs various groups of saxes within this saxophone orchestra - sometimes just a quartet of them. Most of the pieces are in classical chaconne or canon form and some have verse declaimed over the music. Primitive and modern at the same time, they sound like a jazzed up and wigged out Carl Orff. A few are for solo piano, and Louis Hardin (Moondog's real name) plays drums on several of the selections.