Dies sind Auszüge aus Artikeln, hauptsächlich Besprechungen der Platte 'Moondog' (1969), aus einer Presse Information der Plattenfirma.
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These are just extracts of articles, obviously mainly album reviews of 'Moondog' (1969), taken from a press information provided by the record company.
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... His music is massive and warm, perhaps too solid and classic in an age of hype. Moondog is an unique exponent of consciousness expansion.

Charles Giuliano, Boston after Dark, Oktober 1969

Moondog tonality recorded
Columbia Records has now brought the sound of Moondog as a poet and composer to the world at large.
Whether or not the world is ready, is a question that can only be answered by the sales of MS 7335, an exotic stereo delight.

Long Island Press, Januar 1970

The music has a very pleasing relaxing flow that makes for enjoyable listening. It becomes all the more remarkable when one realizes that the composer is blind! Highly recommended (for jazz buffs too)!

Julian Kreeger, Music Critic (where?)

Moondog Album has "Chutzpah"

"Chutzpah" is no technical term, but there is an ample supply of it in the profession. The word ... denotes a particularly offensive yet somehow admirable mixture of brashness and guile and nerviness. And if he with "chutzpah" fills us with a mild repulsion he also wins from us a respectful "gee whiz".

George Gelles, Sunday Herald Traveler