Anderson, E. Ruth (Ed.), Contemporary American Composers. A Biographical Dictionary, second edition, Boston (Mass.) 1982, p. 222

Hardin, Louis T. (Moondog)

b. Marysville, Kans., 26 May 1916. After losing his sight at age 13, studied violin, viola, piano, organ, and harmony at Iowa School for the Blind. He then taught himself by studying books in Braille and listening. Hardin considers himself a tonalist and contrapuntalist; has developed a new stringed instrument, the hüs, and a new drum, the trimba.

Opera: Die Ershaffung der Weld (sic!);
Orchestra: Theme; Stamping ground; Minisym #1; Lament 1; Witch of Endor; 6 symphoniques for orchestra;
Vocal: Madrigals, Book I-XII; Moondog's Mother Goose book; and Art of Canon, Books I and II.