Snaketime Series by Moondog
10" LP, TV 19318, Side 1


TV 19319, Side 2

Side 1 Side 2
Band 1: Oo and Drums Band 1: "Street Scene"
Band 2: "Fiesta" - Piano Solo No. 1 - Drum Solo
Band 3: "Sea Horses" - Piano Solo No. 2 - Dialogues from the Cosmicon
Band 4: "Trees Against The Sky" - Vocal Round No. 3 - Drum Solo
Band 5-6: Hard Shoe - Ray Malone Band 2: Monologues from the Cosmicon
Band 7-8: Soft Shoe - Ray Malone (with Oo and Drum)

Moondog (Bob Lindner)
Moondog ("Bob Linder")
10" LP

Description from an auction in 1996 (with 'Bob Linder' - Cover).


Made of heavy paper. It is stained and has a 5" seam split on the right and a similar split on the bottom.
The 8 1/4" X 8 1/4" picture (includes a 3/4" white border) is an original (not a copy, the real thing) pencil drawing of a large crescent moon with a large, wolf looking dog sitting on it.
Over the dog is: Moondog. The background is shaded with a few stars and a half-dollar size dark circle (the earth). The artist's initials are in the lower right. In the bottom portion of the frame MOONDOG is printed on the left & in pencil, Bob Linder is printed. On the lower right of the frame: Album ... is printed and "2" is in pencil.
The rear has a sketch of Moondog, his shoe & walking stick. These appear to be just a quick drawing and lack the professional look of the cover art.

The LP

The label is a purplish blue with silver print.
Above the center hole is:
To the left of the hole: TV 19319 and to the right of the hole Side 1, 2

The titles are listed as above.

At the bottom of the label on side 2 is:
Recorded at Sound Portraits Studio,
9 West 8th Street,
New York City 11

The dead wax has the LP number stamped.