Jazztime U.S.A. Vol.2
LP Brunswick BL 54001

Jazztime U.S.A. Vol.2
Brunswick EB-97101
7" EP 45 rpm

A4. Rim Shots
A5. Improvisations in 4/4
A6. Improvisations in 7/4

These are the same tracks as found on Improvisations at a Jazz Concert

Notes from the Brunswick release:

Moondog is unique. He's one of New York's most interesting and unusually talented musical personalities. Moondog plays several unusual instruments such as the "oo" and the "trimbas" developed by himself. The amazing melodic and rhythmic effects he attains are a tribute to his extraordinary musical ability.

Other releases:

Jazztime U.S.A. Vol.2
Vogue Coral Series, LVA 9014, UK

Jazz lab vol. 13, Jazztime USA
MCA Coral 6.22069, Reissue p 1975, Germany

Other recordings of
Track A4 Improvisations (Track 1)
Track A5 Improvisations (Track 2)
Track A6 Improvisations (Track 3)