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Bye Bye Baby
Easy Rider
Light Is Faster Than Sound
Call On Me

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Women Is Losers
Down On Me
All Is Loneliness
Big Brother and the Holding Company

from the CD booklet

"All Is Loneliness": This fellow named Moondog stood on New York street corners selling song sheets he'd written. When we told him we did his song, he asked, "Do you do it in 5/4?" We answered: "Well, there are five of us and we do it in four."

from a concert review of Big Brother and the Holding Company

... I had to ask Peter about the time signature. He told an interesting story about finding Moondog in New York, and approaching him with the news about recording All Is Loneliness. Apparently, Moondog had been a "beat" character in New York, and used to read poetry to music; when Peter told him, he asked about the time signature. Peter told him they had recorded it in 4/4 time, and he said that this was wrong, it had been written for 5/4 time (as a "round"); they now perform it this way ...

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