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Cover: Facets
MC Managarm (1981)

Side 1

At the Historical Museum Stockholm

1. Verden (Orchestra)
2. Black Hole (Orchestra)
3. Magic Ring (Bracelli and Double Bass)
4. Midgard Serpent (Bracelli and Horn)

From Suite Antique, op. 78
5. Fleur de Lis (Organ)

6.-10.From Jazz Book, op. 79
No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Organ)

From Organ Book I, op. 76
11. Logrundr No. 9, No. 18

Side 2

From the Creation, op. 81

12. Ginnungagap (Organ)
13. Formata (Organ)
14. Wedding Scene (Organ)
15. Dance (Organ)
16. Milky Way (Organ)
17. Hugin and Munin (Organ Duet)
18. Buri, Bor (Chorus)
19. Heimdal Fanfare (Orchestra)


Double Bass:
Louis T. Hardin
Musicians from Music Conservatory, Stockholm
Fritz Storfinger, joined by Wolfgang Schwering on duet
Viola - Rein Ader, Hakan Olsson;
Cello - Marika Gejrot, Ole Tiren
Ulf Akerhielm
Petter Carlsson, Anna Axelsson, Anders Kjellberg
Louis T. Hardin, Stefan Lakatos
'Moondog Singers' (accompanied by Uppsala ravens)
Helmut Rohlfing, Friedbert Keuken, Stellan Serlefalk

Other recordings of
Track 2 Big Band (Track 13)
Track 3 Bracelli (Track 11)
Track 11 Jordan, Canons (Track 23)
Track 19 In Europe (Track 3)
Instrumental Music (Track 6)

This MC was obviously sold only for a short period at concerts. We hope that we will be able to make it available in the near future. Mail us if you are interested in it.