Music and Moondog
Music and Moondog
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Louis and Bebe Barron

from Robert Scotto: Moondog. The Viking Of 6th Avenue, The Authorized Biography, Process Media, USA, 2007, p. 101:
He even got his own radio show briefly on WNEW (called "Music and Moondog") Sunday Nights.

Info from the auction / seller:
An oddball 12" acetate MUSIC AND MOONDOG ... Side A 12/9/51 .. various cuts of the original MOONDOG, avante garde jazz drummer / poet and infamous New York street character ... and folks, I ASSUME that this is him! ... two sided CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC .. in E with a filmy surface, a piece of the lamination is missing on the rim of side A ... Item is a radio program ... it has a narrator, the tracks are varied ... some are drums and others have weird sounding instruments and there is at least one interview with Moondog ... wild interesting stuff ... also, on my rig there are two loud clicks at the start from the lost acetate on the rim side 1 and more loss to rim side two that I did not play ... a one of a kind item.
There is no track listing as it was not a commercial release but a radio broadcast. No original sleeve ever existed for it. There are approximately 10 or 12 indvidual tracks on the acetate.

If anyone has more informations about this acetate (pictures, sound clips etc.) please contact moondogscorner.