morgan fisher
minatures 2 album cover
edited by morgan
(UK: Cherry Red Records; Japan: Consipio Multiplex)
Artist/track list (followed by full credits, lyrics and artists' links).
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2 JOHN PAUL JONES It's Coming (A Fanfare for the Millennium)
5 HUGH CORNWELL 2000 Lights
6 PIERO MILESI Minute Quartet
7 HOWARD JONES Atoms and Stars
8 KAZUFUMI MIYAZAWA One Minute Blackout
10 BJ COLE Newgrange Aeon Fragment
11 TERRY RILEY A Dog Barks At Midnight
12 MICHAEL NYMAN Here's to the Next One
15 JILL PURCE The Healing Voice
16 DAGMAR ANDRTOVÁ Little Orchestra of Disaster and Hope
18 PHILLIP K. BIMSTEIN Garland Hirschi's Cows
25 HERMETO PASCOAL Feira de Asakusa (Asakusa Market)
26 CHRIS HUGHES Shaka Shaka Shaka
27 DISSIDENTEN Light Of Love
28 CHRISTOS HATZIS Hunter's Dream
29 BAKA BEYOND Timeless
30 OTTMAR LIEBERT Freedom (Universal Mix)
32 TANANAS Ashtanga
35 GAVIN BRYARS Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (miniature)
36 JANE SIBERRY The Narrow Bridge
37 LAURIE SPIEGEL Soundtrack for Sandin
39 JOHN FIDDLER Another 21st Century Day
40 NASTYA Islands
42 THOMAS DE HARTMANN Gurdjieff/de Hartmann Music
43 PEADAR ÓRIADA Seascad Siocand I Dtreo Millennium (Sixty Seconds Towards A Millennium)
44 DANIEL FIGGIS Fail Better
45 THE DEEP SEASON Theme for the Peaceful Revolution
46 HEAT WAVE Takeda No Komori Uta
47 WOOF WOOF Passion Sauce
48 THE MINUS 5 Came Saw Stayed
49 MORGAN FISHER Flowers of Silence
51 DAVID DARLING Introspection
52 LOL COXHILL Six to Four
54 THE LEVELLERS Hope Street (Rain Chant remix)
55 CHRIS BUTLER Have A Nice Century!
58 TOKIKO KATO Toorina
59 JANE CAMPION Passionless Moments
60 MILLADOIRO Alal áDas Mariñas

The artwork and design for “Miniatures 2” was done by Morgan Fisher with the able assistance of Sarah Reed and Jim Phelan of Axis, London. Jim also has a fascinating record company called Exotica Records


PUBLISHING NOTE: All lyrics quoted are copyright of the publisher. Where no publisher is named, copyright is with the composer

1. JEAN HOUSTON: “Jump Time”

Jean Houston: voice
Morgan Fisher: keyboards, samplers, programming
Composed by: Jean Houston
Published by: Jean Houston © 1999
Engineer: Mickey Houlihan, Morgan Fisher
Producer: Morgan Fisher
Studio: The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Sep 1999 Spoken parts and chants from the audio tape “Extraordinary Human Capacities - Mystery School 1993” and the video “Life as a Social Artist” (1993). The “Hey-hey-hey” chant is a traditional Maori chant. The “Ishevas Ya” chant is based on the Upanishad.
Special Thanks: Mickey Houlihan, Fonda Joyce.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 3300, Pomona, NY10970, USA . Fax: 1-914-354-4965


The text of “Jump Time”:

“We are at that incredible place in consciousness history, Jump Time. We’re living in a time in which we are on the verge of having a mix’n’match, a sharing of the riches of the genius of what is valued and developed in other cultures. That is why we run; that is why we try to exceed ourselves; that is why we yearn, pray, keep on searching, searching, searching - the great hunger that consumes us. We are in Jump Time.

We must assume our existence as broadly as we in any way can. Everything, even the unheard-of, must be possible in it. This is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us, to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable. And part of our problem in modern times is our story and our dream is not big enough, large enough, deep enough, true enough.

All this... is for habitation by the god.”

2. JOHN PAUL JONES: “It’s Coming (a fanfare for the Millennium)”

John Paul Jones: bass steel guitar
Composed and produced by: John Paul Jones
Artist photo by: Amy and Tanveer
Special Thanks: Richard Chadwick, Mikail Graham.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Opium (Arts) Ltd. 49, Portland Rd., London W4LJ, UK Fax: 44-171-229-4841


3. PEENI WALI featuring LINTON KWESI JOHNSON: “Beacon of Hope”

Linton Kwesi Johnson: voice
Fizzè: keyboard
Dennis Bovell: bass guitar
Rico: trombone
Gilles-V. “Dizzi” Rieder: drums
Jerome Van Jones: organ solo
Johnny “Alig” Human: accordion
Lorenz Viennet: guitar
Cedric Vuille”: ukelele
Pascal Cuche: milk pots
Dizzi, Dennis and Fizzè percussion
Composed by: Linton Kwesi Johnson and Fizzè
Published by: LKJ Music Publishers Ltd. (lyrics) Mensch Edition (music)
Arranger, Engineer and Producer: Fizzè
Studio: Mensch Studio, Jenins, Switzerland, 1989
Edit: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Dec 1996
Post-production: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, UK, Jan 1997 .
Full version is on “Peeni Wali” by Fizzè (Mensch CD, AGR-004, 1991).
A Mensch record!
CONTACT ADDRESS: (Linton Kwesi Johnson) LKJ Records Ltd., PO Box 623, Herne Hill, London SE24 0LS, UK

Fizzé’s website:


Lyrics (by Linton Kwesi Johnson):

“Welcome, nocturnal friends. I name you beacons of hope.
Tonight fear fades to oblivion as you guide us beyond the stars to a new horizon.
Tomorrow, a stranger will enter my hut, my cave, my cool cavern of gloom.
I will give him bread - he will bring good news from afar.
I will give him water - he will bring a gift of light.”


Talitha MacKenzie: lead voice
Talitha MacKenzie, Hilary Allen, Clare Evitt, Sally Freedman, Shaun Kirwan, and Lorna Simpson: chakra tone clusters
Composed and produced by: Talitha MacKenzie
Published by: Talitha MacKenzie Publishing ©1997
Engineer: Nick Cook
Studio: Hoop Studio, Edinburgh, Nov 1996, Jan 1997
Mix: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, UK, Jan 1997
Artist photo by: Ian F. MacKenzie
Special Thanks: Sedenka Vocal Ensemble, Dr. Abha Sharma.
Talitha MacKenzie appears by kind courtesy of Shanachie Entertainment Corp.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Shanachie, 13, Laight St., New York, NY10013, USA



Laal--muladhara chakra [Dark red--'root'--base chakra]
(Lam) [Earth]
Kesariya--svadisthana [Yellow-orange--'sweetness'--sacral]
(Vam) [Water]
Sunehara--manipura [Golden--'lustrous gem'--solar plexus]
(Ram) [Fire]
Harit--anahata [Green--'unstruck'--heart]
(Yam) [Air]
Neyla--vishuddhi chakra [Bright blue--'to purify'--throat chakra]
Shyam varna--ajna chakra [Indigo--'to perceive'--third eye chakra]
Shweyt--sahasrara chakra [White--'thousandfold'--crown chakra]
Sahasrara--sa ni sa [Crown--sa ni sa (vocables)]
(Akasha) [Spirit]

Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam mantras--the four elements

sa re ga ma pa da ni pitch vocables

chitkala--chakra self-knowledge--wheel

5. HUGH CORNWELL: “2000 Lights”

Hugh Cornwell: voice, all instruments except:
Hotei Tomoyasu: guitar
Morgan Fisher: sampler
Composed by: Hugh Cornwell
Engineer: James Kadsky
Studio: Soundlab Studios, Wiltshire, UK, summer 1994
Mix: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, UK, Jan 1997
Artist photo by: Debby Besford
Hugh Cornwell appears by kind permission of His Records.
CONTACT ADDRESS: c/o David Fagence, Diverse Management (London, UK) Fax: 44-1209-861-395.


“All of the lights are shining and switched on
Feeling as if the bloodshed could be gone
Shine on, 2000 Lights shine on, shine on
Opening up the doors and singing loud
Shine on, 2000 Lights shine on, 2000 Lights shine on, 2000 Lights shine on.”

6. PIERO MILESI: “Minute Quartet” Allegro energico - Moderato un poco Adagio - Presto - Rallentando

Carlo Feige: violin
Debora Tedeschi: violin
Livia Baldi: viola
Silvio Righini: cello
Composed by: Piero Milesi
Engineer: Maurizio Camagna
Studio: Metropolis, Milan, Jan 1994 (20 bit digital recording mapped to 16 bit)
Artist photo by: Andrea Milesi
CONTACT ADDRESS: Loc. Fena, 2 - Bonassola 19011 (SP), Italy

7. HOWARD JONES: “Atoms and Stars”

Howard Jones: all instruments
Oseen Jones: (aged 8) voice
Composed by: Howard Jones
Published by: Warner Chapell
Studio: The Shed, Maidenhead, UK 1994
Mix: Stephen W. Tayler



"Midway between the atoms and the stars, a man-child appeared."

8. KAZUFUMI MIYAZAWA: “One Minute Blackout”

Kazufumi Miyazawa: keyboard, sampler
Tetsuya Yamazaki: programming
Composed by: Kazufumi Miyazawa
Published by: Five D Corporation
Engineer: Yoshikazu Sasahara
Studio: Midge Studio, Tokyo, Nov 1996 and Feb 1997
Kazufumi Miyazawa appears by courtesy of Toshiba EMI Ltd.


Klaus Trabitsch: guitar, wine glasses
Traditional, arranged by Klaus Trabitsch
Studio: “in my garden”
Artist photo by: Lukas Beck
Special Thanks: Harald Quendler of Extraplatte.


Extraplatte is a fascinating cutting-edge record company based in Austria. They have released recordings by Klaus as well as Wolfgang Mitterer. Their website is at:


10. BJ COLE: “Newgrange Aeon Fragment”

BJ Cole: pedal steel guitar
Peter Lockett: gongs, tablas
Guy Jackson: synthesizer
Composed and conceived by BJ Cole
Produced, engineered and mixed by BJ Cole and Guy Jackson
Studio: The Batcave, UK, Jul 1996
Special Thanks: Mark Vernon
CONTACT ADDRESS: Firebrand Management, Suite 13, 12, Rickett St., London SW6 1RU, UK. Fax: 44-171-386-5528


11. TERRY RILEY: “A Dog Barks At Midnight”

Terry Riley: Ensoniq TS12 synthesizer, voice
Composed, engineered and produced by Terry Riley
Published by: Ancient Word Music
Studio: Sri Moonshine Music Studios, USA, Jan 1995
Artist photo by: Morgan Fisher
Special Thanks: Mikail Graham
CONTACT ADDRESS: P. box 941, North San Juan, Ca 95960 USA


12. MICHAEL NYMAN: “Here’s to the Next One”

The Michael Nyman Band
Engineer: Michael J. Dutton
Studio: Abbey Road Studios, London
Composed and produced by Michael Nyman
Published by: Michael Nyman Ltd. / Chester Music Ltd.
Edit: Richard at Transfermation Ltd.
Artist photo by: David Gamble
Michael Nyman appears by courtesy of Virgin Records.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Elizabeth Lloyd, Michael Nyman Management. Fax: 44-20-8875-9377



13. MEREDITH MONK: “Panda Chant II”

Meredith Monk, Robert Een, Ching Gonzalez, Andrea Goodman, Wayne Hankin, Naaz Hosseini, and Nurit Tilles: voice
Composed by: Meredith Monk
Published by: Meredith Monk Music (ASCAP) © Meredith Monk 1983
Engineer: Martin Wieland
Producer: Manfred Eicher
Studio: Tonstudio Bauer, Germany, Jun 1986
Edit: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Oct 1998
Artist photo by: F. Scott Schafer
Full version is on “Do You Be” (ECM Records, 1987)
Used by kind permission of ECM Records.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Meredith Monk / The House Foundation For The Arts, Inc. 131, Varick St., Suite 901, New York, NY10013, USA. Fax: 1-212-727-2535


14. SAINKHO NAMTCHYLAK: “Last Christmas”

Sainkho Namtchylak: voice
Composed by: Sainkho Namtchylak
Collaged from a solo performance recorded live at Cafe Amorus, Japan, Dec 1993
Edit: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, late 1996
Mix: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, UK, Jan 1997
Special Thanks: Harald Quendler of Extraplatte.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Ponderosa (Milan) Fax: 39-02-837-8242

15. JILL PURCE: “The Healing Voice”

Jill Purce: overtone chanting
Annie O’Connor: dialogue from radio interviews on the effect of Jill Purce’s work.
Jill Purce and her students: group chanting
Composed by: Jill Purce
Published by: © Jill Purce 1997.
Full version is on the tape “Overtone Chanting Meditation” (available from Inner Sound)
Jill Purce’s chant recorded by Morgan Fisher at Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel , London, Sep 1995
Edit and mix: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Sep 1997
Special Thanks: John Warren and Susan DiMaline for kindly making the chapel available at extremely short notice.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Inner Sound, 20, Willow Road, London NW3 1TJ, UK.




“The deepest wound that I’ve known in myself since I’ve been a child has actually gone now, and I’ve been able to let it go and have something else in its place, which is joy rather than pain.”

16. DAGMAR ANDRTOVÁ: “Little Orchestra of Disaster and Hope” (Maly Orchestri Zkazy A Nadëje)

Dagmar Andrtová: guitar
Composed by: Dagmar Andrtová
Published by: Jade Music
Dagmar Andrtová appears by courtesy of Creativeman Discs.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Jade Music 2-12-3-206 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0083, Japan.



Wolfgang Mitterer: mechanical church organ
Composed by: Wolfgang Mitterer
Published by: Cop. Con. / AKM Austria
Engineer: Michael Tapesser
Studio: St. Andrä church, Lienz, Austria, 1989
From the album “Grand Jeu” (Olongapo/Extraplatte 001/1991)
Artist photo by: Gert Mosettig
Special Thanks: Harald Quendler of Extraplatte


18. PHILLIP KENT BIMSTEIN: “Garland Hirschi’s Cows”

Phillip Kent Bimstein sampler synthesizer
Composed by: Phillip Kent Bimstein
Published by: Franklin Stark Music (ASCAP), © Phillip Kent Bimstein
Producer: Mix Phillip Kent Bimstein Exec prod Thomas Steenland
Studio: Kinesava Studios, Springdale, Utah. Sound sources: Garland
Artist photo by:. Hirschi and his cows
Edit: (of the first movement) Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Nov 1999
Full version on Phillip’s album “Garland Hirschi’s Cows” (Starkland ST-205, 1996)
Artist photo by: Michael Plyler
This excerpt by kind permission of Starkland and Phillip Kent Bimstein.




Richard Harris, Michael Haslam, Kate Heath, Kirsteen Davidson Kelly, Max Richter, and Ginny Strawson: keyboards (NOTE: in 1998 Ginny left to be a mum and was replaced by Julie Sassoon).
Composed by: Kate Heath
Engineer: Steve
Studio: Eastcote Studios, London, Sep 1995
Producer: Richard Harris, Kate Heath, Morgan Fisher
Artist photo by: Paul Tyagi



20. ROBERT FRIPP: “Blast”

Robert Fripp: guitar
Trey Gunn: bass guitar
Composed by: Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn
Published by: Crimson Music (administered by BMG Music Publishing for the world, excluding Japan [Global Rights, Inc.] and Hong Kong [Golden Pony])
Engineer: David Singleton
Recorded on the Discipline Global Mobile, Jun 1992
Produced by David Singleton, Robert Fripp and Trey Gunn
Artist photo by: Kevin Westenberg
Special Thanks: Richard Chadwick.
Copyright Possible Productions Ltd. trading as Discipline Records.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Discipline Global Mobile, PO Box 1533, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 5ER, UK


21. ISAO OSADA: “A Un”

Isao Osada: trumpet with live digital effects
Takuro Motone: amplified metal vase
Composed by: Isao Osada and Takuro
Published by Consipio
Engineer: Tomoharu Matsushita and Ken Matsumoto
Studio: Studio 24, Tokyo, Nov 1995
Produced and reconstructed by Morgan Fisher, The Handmade studio, Tokyo, Jan 1996


David Cunningham: guitar, keyboard, tape insects
Peter Gordon: saxophone
Composed by: David George Cunningham (unpublished), Peter Laurence Gordon (Lolo Music Publishing/BMI)
Engineer: Harvey Birrel, David Cunningham
Producer: David Cunningham
Studio: Terminal 24 and David Cunningham’s studio, London
Artist photo by: Garrard Martin
CONTACT ADDRESS: Piano, c/o Voiceprint Records, Sunrise House, Gas House Lane, Houghton-Le-Spring, Durham DH4 5AL, UK


23. PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA: “A Pythagorean Roll”

Simon Jeffes: sampler
Composed, produced and engineered by Simon Jeffes
Studio: Simon’s studio, London, Jun 1994
Published by: Editions Penguin Cafe Ltd.


24. SHIZURU OHTAKA: “One Cell”

Shizuru Ohtaka: voice
Composed by: Shizuru Ohtaka
Studio: Studio Somewhere, Tokyo, Oct 1994
Engineer: Johkoh Noriyasu
Production, remix and weather: Morgan Fisher
Studio: The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Sep 1998
Special Thanks: Aki Kuniyasu for the title.


I will come back
As one cell
To live only three days
I wonder why
I wonder how
I only know
This is what
I feel.”

25. HERMETO PASCOAL: “Feira de Asakusa” (“Asakusa Market”)

Hermeto Pascoal: all instruments.
Jovino Santos Neto: Pre-production, programming
Engineer: Carlson Barros
Studio: Brasil Universo Studios, Rio de Janeiro, Jun 1997.
Photograph of Hermeto by kind courtesy of Hermeto’s photo archives.
Spoken word track taken from the album “Soundscape of Japan” (King Records KICH 2029). Licensed by King Record Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.
Special Thanks: Jovino Santos Neto.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Ana Buono Productions. Tel: 55-11-3862-1565

Jovino’s website includes information about Hermeto:


26. CHRIS HUGHES: “Shaka Shaka Shaka (A Child’s Carnival 2000)”

Chris Hughes: programming, sampler, synthesizer
Jack Hues; guitar synthesizer
Ella Grace Hughes (aged nearly three): voice
Composed by: Chris Hughes and Jack Hues
Published by: Amusements Ltd.-EMI Music/Warner-Chappell
Engineer: Tim Oliver
Mix: Tim Oliver, Chris Hughes
Producer: Chris Hughes
Studio: Fourwoods and Helium Sound, Bath, UK Jan 1996
Artist photo by: Melanie Ryder
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 567, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 8QT, UK.


27. DISSIDENTEN: “Light of Love”

Marlon Klein: drums, keyboard
Friedemann Josch: flute, nay
Uve Müllrich bass guitar, sitar
R.A. Ramamani and Ragavendra: indian voices
Composed by: Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Ramamani
Published by: Exil Musik
Engineered and produced by Marlon Klein (for Sire Records and Exil Music)
Studio: Exil Musik Mobil Studio/ Bangalore
Edit: Morgan Fisher, Mick Glossop, Blue Weaver’s studio, London, UK, Jan 1997
Full version is on “The Jungle Book” (Exil 5516, 1993)
Special Thanks: Frank Werner


28. CHRISTOS HATZIS: “Hunter’s Dream”

Anne Thompson: flute
Lawrence Stevenson: sampler
Composed by: Christos Hatzis
Published by: SOCAN
Recording of Inuit throat singers (Elisha Kilabuk and Koomoo Noveyak) arranged by Steve Wadhams.
Mastering, post-production: Rod Crocker
Studio: The Experimental Audio Room, Broadcast Centre, CBC Toronto
Artist photo by: Andre Pierre Leduc
Special Thanks: Steve Wadhams


29. BAKA BEYOND: “Timeless”

Martin Cradick: guitar, percussion, programming
Su Hart; voice
Paddy Le Mercier; jews harp
Nii Tettey Tetteh: bass drum
And from the rain forests of South-East Cameroon:
Sangowe: limbindi, and Loni: intro yell
Composed by: Martin Cradick
Studio: March Hare Studio, Bath UK
Engineered and produced by Martin Cradick
Artist photos by: Alan Mynall, Ed Boyd
Special Thanks: Talitha MacKenzie for introducing Morgan to this wonderful band.
CONTACT ADDRESS: c/o March Hare Music PO Box 2260, Bath BA1 5XA, UK. Fax: 44-1225-331636



30. OTTMAR LIEBERT: “Freedom (Universal Mix)”

Performed by Ottmar Liebert and Jon Gagan using a chant by Lobsang Samten
Composed by: Ottmar Liebert
Published by: ATV Sony Songs / Luna Negra Music / BMI
Engineered and mixed by Ottmar Liebert and Jon Gagan
Studio: Spiral Subwave Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aug 1994
Producer: Ottmar Liebert 4 Luna Negra Music, Inc.
Ottmar Liebert appears by courtesy of Epic Records.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Luna Negra Music,



31. MAMADOU DOUMBIA: “Qui Sait?”

Mamadou Doumbia kora (African harp) voice
Composed by: Mamadou Doumbia
Engineer: Hideki Ishii
Studio: Media Garden Studio, Tokyo, Jul 1996
Produced by Morgan Fisher and Eiki Nonaka
Artist photo by: Morgan Fisher


32. TANANAS: “Ashtanga”

Ian Herman: drums, percussion
Steve Newman: guitar
Gito Baloi: voice, bass guitar
Composed by: Ian Herman, Steve Newman, Gito Baloi
Published by: Gallo Music Publishing
Engineer: Dave Seagal.
Recorded live at Sun City Super Bowl, 1995
Produced by Tananas and Dave Seagal
Edit: Morgan Fisher and Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, Jan 1997.
The studio version of this song appears on the Tananas album “Time” (Gallo Music International, 1992)
Special Thanks: Kerry Friedman.
Tananas appear by kind courtesy of Gallo Records.
CONTACT ADDRESS: In The Loop Management Pty Ltd. / Kerry Friedmann. PO Box 10142 Caledon Square, 7905 Cape Town, South Africa



“Lomo hipsambaka ndzitamiguela
Hitakumana ainglelene ndzitamiguela
Ndzili ingela inde hitakumana intavene

Lomo nicalutaca hitakumana nasse
Tavene nasse ngelene ndzitamiguela
Ndzili inglela hinde hitakumana intavene
Ndzili hidambo lia shona ndzilemine

(“A journey of music brings people together. Although the sun is setting, the meeting of people is ensured.”)

33. KOTO VORTEX: “Sae”

Miki Maruta, Yoko Nishi, and Etsuko Takezawa: kotos
Michiyo Yagi: 17-string koto
Composed and published by: Koto Vortex
Engineer: Shigeru Koiwa
Studio: Studio Sho, Tokyo, Oct 1994
Producer: Morgan Fisher
Mix: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, Jan 1997
CONTACT ADDRESS: Paradise Records, Kishi Bldg. 2Fax:, 1046 Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-8585, Japan. Fax: 81-425-30-6040

34. MICHAEL SHRIEVE and JEFF GREINKE: “Invisible Guides”

Michael Shrieve Drum Workshop drums
Jeff Greinke - synthesizer
Composed by Michael Shrieve and Jeff Greinke
Published by Maitreya Music/BMI and Weatherscape Music/ASCAP
Special Thanks: Mikail Graham







35. GAVIN BRYARS: “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet (miniature)”

Performed by members of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble
Composed by: Gavin Bryars
Published by: Schott and Co. Ltd.
Remix: Chris Ekers and Gavin Bryars, Dave Hunt Studios, London, Aug 1977.
Artist photo by: Nick White
Special Thanks: Jane Quinn, Chris Ekers and Mamoru Fujieda.
Material excerpted from the album “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” (Point Music 438-823-2, 1993) by courtesy of Point Music.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Gavin Bryars worldwide management: Bolton and Quinn Ltd., 8, Pottery Lane, London W11 4LZ, UK. Fax: 44-171-221-8100.

Gavin-related websites:




“Jesus’ blood never failed me yet, never failed me yet
Jesus’ blood never failed me yet
There’s one thing I know, for he loves me so...”

36. JANE SIBERRY: “The Narrow Bridge”

Jane Siberry: voice
Morgan Fisher: keyboard, sampler, programming
Composed by: Jane Siberry (words) Morgan Fisher (music)
Published by: (words) Wing-It Music, SOCAN (music) © Morgan Fisher 1998
Jane recorded by Morgan Fisher over the telephone from Sheeba Records to Tokyo, Mar 1998
Edited and mixed by Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Apr 1998
Full version of this poem is in Jane’s book “Swan” (1998, available exclusively from Sheeba)




“This is the narrow bridge
And you will stand there
Peering at the unraveling of a dark line across a chasm
And you will not philosophise, decide, weigh
You will simply put your head down and start moving
Feeling your way inch by inch, unguided by voices
Using only the sound of your own sound reflected
Feeling the rope of the narrow bridge
This is your protection
As you move towards the end of the millennium

Every moment spent bent over work
Not cutting corners, doing things with care
Is protection
Is the bridge to carry you through the darkness
For to do something with care
Is the closest thing to the feeling of love that can be found
It is all I know
This is protection
This is the narrow bridge

And the hand reaches out for the drink, the drug
And it grabs a claw instead
And you protest
And you start to clean
And you clean the corners like they’ve never been cleaned before
And you weep as you clean, but you keep on going
And in this tiny gesture of respect
The protection is found
And the cape of grace
Moves softly down about the shoulders
Throwing a safety line out to love.”

37. LAURIE SPIEGEL: “Soundtrack for Sandin”

Laurie Spiegel: computer
Composed and engineered by Laurie Spiegel
Published by: Laurie Spiegel Publishing/ASCAP.
Music created in May 1990 for the short-but-spectacular fractal computer animation, “A Volume of Two Dimensional Julia Sets”, by one of my oldest friends, Dan Sandin (Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago)
Artist photo by: Paul Colin



Chéng Gõngliàng: qin (Chinese 7-string koto) constructed in AD 215.
Traditional, arranged by Chéng Gõngliáng
Engineered and produced by Morgan Fisher
Studio: Sesion Suginami, Tokyo, Nov 1996
Mixed by Hideki Ishii at Media Garden Studio, Tokyo, May 1997
Coordination: Kyoko Hirooka and Sachiko Gotoh
Artist photo by: Morgan Fisher
Special Thanks: Yoshikazu Sasahara.

39. JOHN FIDDLER: “Another 21st Century Day”

John Fiddler: voice, all instruments
Composed by: John Fiddler
Published by: Buffalo Songs/MCPS
Engineering and programming assistance by Mick Glossop and his daughter Brittany
Studio: Under the Carpet Studios, London, Feb 1997
Producer: Mick Glossop, John Fiddler for State of the Heart Productions
Artist photo by: Frank Connor


“What you know?
What you say?
Here’s another
21st Century Day
21st Century Day

What’s the hurry?
Who’s counting time?
Work the magic
Bring your love to life

All this loving
That we do
Gotta keep it flowing
Gotta keep it new
Let it flow to you
Let it flow to you.”

40. NASTYA: “Islands”

Nastya Poleva: voice
Iegor Belkin: guitar, programming, voice
Gleb Vilnyansky: keyboard
Slava Dvinin: bass guitar
Composed by: Nastya (music) Eugene Kormiltzev (words)
Arranged and produced by Iegor Belkin
Engineer: Vadim Samoilov
Studio: Studio 8 Ekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk), Russia, Feb/Mar 1992
Edited by Morgan Fisher and Mick Glossop with Richard Moss at Odessa Wharf Studios, London, Jan 1997
Full version on “Bride” (UEP-CD, Russia, 1993)
CONTACT ADDRESS: 10, Borovaya Street #4, St. Petersburg 191126, Russia


“Seeds are flying just like birds over my head
I’m the earth
You enter me like water enters sand

And the sea will melt
Just like red-hot ice
And you just should not think of
What you left behind”

(translated from the Russian by UEP-CD interpreter Alex Suvorov).

41. GEOFFREY RICHARDSON: “The Lighthouse”

Geoffrey Richardson: eight violas, ukelele, penny whistle
Composed by: Geoffrey Richardson
Published by: Purple Patch Music
Studio: Ian Maidman’s home studio, Jun 1994

42. THOMAS DE HARTMANN: "Gurdjieff/de Hartmann Music"

Thomas de Hartmann (1885-1956) playing piano and speaking on George Gurdjieff (1866-1949)
Virtual orchestra by Morgan Fisher
Composed in collaboration by George Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann
Published by: Triangle Editions Inc.
Recorded in the USA in the 1950’s (specific location and date unknown)
Edit: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, 1996
Mix: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, Jan 1997.
Excerpted from the CD set "The Music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann" (Cat. no. TCD1001-1003, Triangle Editions Inc., PO Box 452, Lenox Hill Station, New York, NY10021, USA)
Used by kind permission of Triangle Editions Inc.
Photographs of Gurdjieff and De Hartmann by kind courtesy of Thomas C. Daly.
Special Thanks: Elizabeth Evans of By The Way Books and Thomas C. Daly


"If we compare… the music of all the religions, we can see that music plays a great role, a great part, in so to say "religious service"; but after the work of Georgivanich, we can understand it more, we can understand it better, that music helps to concentrate oneself, to bring oneself to an inner state when we can assume the greatest possible emanations."

43. PEADAR O'RIADA: “Seascad siocand i dtreo millennium” (“Sixty Seconds Towards a Millennium”)

Peadar Ó Riada: whistles, keyboard, sampler, synthesizer
Composed and arranged by Peadar Ó Riada
Published by: IMRO
Engineer: Alvin Sweeney
Studio: Sulán Studios, Ireland, Sep 1997
Sound design: Tadhg O Céilleachair
Produced by Nial Macken and Peadar Ó Riada
Artists photo by Don McMonagle
CONTACT ADDRESS: c/o Jim Donohoe, New Ballinderry Rd., Mullingar, Co. West Meath, Ireland. Fax: 353-44-41969

44. DANIEL FIGGIS: “Fail Better”

Daniel Figgis: mellotron, tapes, percussion, clock, harmonium, brass, bass guitar
Vincent Doherty: guitar
N.E. Hat-Genie: flute
Composed, arranged and produced by Daniel Figgis
Published by: Damaged Pop Music
Studio: Leg and Order, Mar 1997
Additional engineering and programming: Alan O Boyle at Ultramack Studios and Fiachra Shanks at Let-On
Artist photo by: Cormac Figgis


45. THE DEEP SEASON: "Theme for the Peaceful Revolution"

Nick J.D. Hannan: bass guitar, backing vocals
A.L.B. Jamieson; drums, backing vocals
J.K. Jamieson: guitar, voice
Composed by: J.K. Jamieson and The Deep Season
Engineer: Nick Hannan
Studio: Blah Street Studios, UK, summer 1995
Produced by The Deep Season
Mix: Mick Glossop, Blah Street Studios, Feb 1997
Artist photo by: Neil Reddy
Special Thanks: Jennifer Blair and Renaud Janson.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Blah St. Studios, The Hop Kiln, Hillside, Odiham, Hants RG29 1HX, UK. Fax: 44-1256-701-106


“Behold my vision if you will, the sirens echo still
The fading town dissolves in Mother Nature's gown and
Streams of life run to the sea, they'll lose us in the trees
We've left the streets you see
I dream of these days to come
When wise words have replaced all the tears, fears and guns
And the world will come together as one.”

46. HEAT WAVE: Takeda no Komori Uta (Lullaby of Takeda)

Hiroshi Yamaguchi: voice, guitar, bass guitar, sanshin (Okinawan shamisen)
Brendan Weightman: Uillean pipes, tin whistle
Yoshimitsu Ban: drums
Morgan Fisher: sampler, keyboard
Traditional, arranged by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Engineer: Hideki Ishii
Studio: Media Garden Studios, Tokyo, Dec 1996
Produced by Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Morgan Fisher
Mix: Mick Glossop, Media Garden Studios, Tokyo, Jan 1997
Special Thanks: Go Sato, Osamu Takeuchi , Kina Shoukichi and Champles and their Eisa Drum Troupe for the use of the samples of their Okinawan “hayashi” (chanting) and “eisa” drums.
Hiroshi Yamaguchi appears by courtesy of Polydor KK


47. WOOF WOOF: “Passion Sauce”

Frank Carbone: guitar, voice
Joe Swain: drums, percussion
Tony Contos: guitar
Kevin Toye: bass guitar
John Leone : saxophone
Composed by: Frank Carbone, Joe Swain, Paul Prescott
Published by: Heinous Ltd.
Engineer: Pat Klein
Studio: Tin Pan Alley Studio, NYC
Produced by Woof Woof
Post-production: Mick Glossop with Richard Moss, Odessa Wharf Studios, London, Jan 1997 “Away From Everything” CD/tape available from Woof Woof, 31 Highview Drive, Carmel, NY10512, USA.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 304, Whitestone, NY 11357, USA FT 1-914-228-9173



48. THE MINUS 5: “Came Saw Stayed”

Scott McCaughey: voice, guitar, bass guitar, farfisa organ, oscillator, xylophone
Peter Buck, mandolin, don-mo, frog, dinosaur
Composed by: Scott McCaughey
Published by: MacNor Music (BMI, administered by Bug Music)
Recorded by Scott at His Basement and Peter at His Attic, Seattle, Washington, May 1998
Producer: Scott McCaughey
Artist photo by: Marty Perez.
Scott McCaughey appears by courtesy of Malt/Hollywood Records.
Peter Buck appears by courtesy of Warner Brothers Records.




“They came from every planet
They came from beneath the seas
There was no point in asking them
what they had to do with me

Ten million years ago they wrote a best-selling book
and when it's finally published
we'll all be off the hook
yeah we'll all be off the hook.”

49. MORGAN FISHER: “Flowers of Silence”

Morgan Fisher: voice, all sounds
Composed, engineered and produced by Morgan Fisher
Studio: The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Jan 2000




“You are the one you came here to be
You are already that which you are looking for
You are the one you came here to be
You are already that which you are looking for
Just melt into this moment
And you’ll see flowers of silence growing everywhere
Flowers of silence filling the air...”

50. KOMITAS VARDAPET: “Gutan Yerg”

Komitas Vardapet: voice
Traditional, arranged by Komitas Vardapet
Published by: Tcrossing Music (BMI).
Recorded in 1912 in Paris (specific location and date unknown).
Sound restored from the original cylinder by Anima-Vox.
Edit: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, March 1997.
Full version on “The Voice of Komitas Vardapet” (Traditional Crossroads CD 4275)
Special Thanks: Harold Hagopian of Traditional Crossroads.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Traditional Crossroads, PO Box 20320, Greeley Square Station, New York, NY10001-9992, USA


51. DAVID DARLING: “Introspection”

An improvisation by David Darling, cello
Published by: Tasker Music
Engineer: Tommy Skarupa
Studio: Camp David Studio, West Cornwall, CT, USA
Edit and mix by Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Jan 1997
Artist photo by: R. J. Muna
CONTACT ADDRESS: Music For People, 421, Meadow St., Fairfield, CT06430, USA. Fax: 1-203-336-3583



52. LOL COXHILL: “Six to Four”

Lol Coxhill: soprano saxophone
Edit and mix by Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, May 1998

53. TRANS GLOBAL UNDERGROUND: “Dead Dog of Kairouan”

Performed by Trans Global Underground
Composed by: Mantu/Kasiek
Published by: Warner Chappell
Artist photo by: Morgan Fisher using visual material by David Simonetti
CONTACT ADDRESS: 42, Casewick Road, London SE27 0SY, UK. Fax: 44-181-766-6322


54. THE LEVELLERS: “Hope Street (Rain Chant Remix)”

Mark Chadwick: voice, guitar
Simon Friend: voice, guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Jeremy Cunningham: bass guitar, artwork
Jon Sevink: violin
Charlie Heather: drums
Composed by: The Levellers
Published by: Empire Music Ltd.
Engineer: Greg Brimson, Al Scott
Studio: Metway, Brighton, UK 1995
Producer: Al Scott
Mix: Al Scott, Greg Brimson, The Townhouse, London
Remix: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Dec 1999
Full version on “Zeitgeist” (China Records WOLCD1064, 1995)
Special Thanks: Phil Nelson
CONTACT ADDRESS: UK Levellers Fan Club: PO Box 2600, Brighton, E. Sussex BN2 2DX, UK. Fax: 44-1273-624884




“Rain on me come pouring down
Clean the dirt off this old town
Tell the sun to come around
Show his face on Hope Street.”


Includes performances by: Paul Moschella, Mars Williams, Liam Sternberg, The Whatnots,
The Gefkens, Michael Baker, The Know-It-All Boyfriends, Harvey Gold, Mrs. Irene Butler (a/k/a The Artist Formerly Known as Mom)
Composed by: Chris Butler
Published by: © 1997 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music /BMI
Studio: “at home on a 1957 3M mono tube-powered tape recorder, a 1949 Webster-Chicago Model 180 wire recorder, and an 1898 Edison spring motor wax-cylinder phonograph.”
Mix: Scott Anthony at SEA Audio, Hoboken, USA Mar 1997
Artist photo by: Jim McCarthy
Excerpted from "The Devil Glitch", a 69-minute song with over 550 choruses and featuring 17 artists from around the world. Available on CD from Future Fossil Music, PO Box 6248, Hoboken, NJ 07030 USA



“Sometimes you can fix something by just being a prick
Set things into motion
Sometimes you can fix something by just screaming, "Shaddap!"
Vegetarians are boring
Sometimes - something! Plan! Organise!
A little gentle romancing (This has not been a good year to ... machinery)
Sometimes you can fix something with coffee, and cigarettes
That'll get your juices flowing
Sometimes you can fix something by traveling in time
Embrace the new Millennium
Sometimes you can fix something by traveling real far in time
Make a wire recording
Sometimes you can fix something by traveling really far in time
Happy 1900 everybody - have a nice century!”

56. MOONDOG (LOUIS HARDIN): “Cosmicode”

Virtual orchestra created by Morgan Fisher under the direction of Moondog
Composed by: Moondog
Published by: Roof Music/Managarm
Mix: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, May 1999
Special Thanks: Ilona Sommer, Axel Wronna



Ashik Peter Lynch: violins
Composed by: Ashik Peter Lynch (ASCAP)
Studio: Dancing Leaf Studio, Nederland, Colorado, 1997
CONTACT ADDRESS: Fax: 1-303-449-9237


58. TOKIKO KATO: “Toorina”

Tokiko Kato: voice
Moury Bruno Roger Louis: taiko drum
Studio: Sony Music Studio, Tokyo, Feb 1993
Edit and mix by Morgan Fisher and Hideki Ishii, Media Garden Studio, Tokyo, Nov 1996
Special Thanks: Masataka Ikeda, Hiroaki Watanabe.

59. JANE CAMPION: “Passionless Moments”

Narrator: Bryon Quigley
Written by: Gerard Lee
Excerpted from the 1984 film of the same name (the final section, entitled “Scotties - Part of the Grand Design of the Universe”)
Director: Jane Campion
Executive Director: Gerard Lee
Produced by Jane and Gerard for the Australian Film and Television School
Edit: Morgan Fisher, The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, Aug 1997
Used by courtesy of the AFTRS
Special Thanks: Ruth Saunders (AFTRS)


“Julie Fry has spent the day sick in bed.
She’s bored with trying to play Monopoly on her own.
Now she discovers how perfectly Monopoly money fits onto the back of a Scotties box.
She wonders how many other paper products would fit onto the back of a Scotties box.
The pages in her exercise book?
But folded in half?
Yes, they probably would.
Most paper in fact, folded in halves, quarters or thirds, would fit onto the back of a Scotties box.
We leave Julie now as her moment passes.
There are one million moments in your neighbourhood.
Each has a fragile presence which fades almost as it forms...”

60. MILLADOIRO: “Alalá das Mariñas”

Antón Seoane: keyboards, zanfona
Xosé Vincente UFerreirós: Uillean pipes
Nando Casal: tin whistle
Xosé A. F. Méndez : flute
Antón Seijo: violin
Rodrigo Romaní: harp, ocarina
Ramon García: percussion
Traditional, arranged by Milladoiro
Published by: Tasende
Studio: Cormorán Studios, La Coruña, Spain, Oct 1994
Engineer: Xosé
CONTACT ADDRESS: Parque Empresarial “A Picaraña”, 15980 PADRON (A Coruña), Spain. Fax: 34-81-803042