First Recordings 78s
Pastoral Suite / Surf Session
Moondog December 1951
Moondog August 1952
On the Streets of New York
Improvisations at a Jazz Concert
Jazztime U.S.A. Vol.2
Moondog and his Friends
New York 19
Tug Boat Tocata / Autumn
Moondog and his Honking Geese
Caribea Sextet / Oo Debut
Crescent ('Bob Linder LP')
Moondog (1956)
More Moondog
The Story of Moondog
Tell it again
Music in the Streets
RAB Collection
Moondog (1969)
Moondog 2
Moondog in Europe
H'art Songs
Instrumental Music
Canons on the Keys
A new sound of an old instrument
Sax Pax for a Sax
Big Band
Bracelli und Moondog
The German Years 1977-1999
The Viking From Sixth Avenue
Rare Material
Biography CD
Various Recordings