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Compositions 2

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Modified: October 2018

This list was published in the book 'Soundpieces 2' by Cole Gagne, London, 1993
Ilona Sommer later remarked, that in fact especially the symphonies are not finished, and most of them are in progress or only in mind.

We will update as soon as more informations reach us.


OrchestraChamber MusicBrassStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicPianoOrganSongs

No. 1 in C Major
No. 2 in A Minor
No. 3 in F Major
No. 4 in D Minor
No. 5 in B-Flat Major
No. 6 in G Minor
No. 7 in E-Flat Major (Infield Symphony)
No. 8 in C Minor
No. 9 in A-Flat Major (The Big Russian)
No. 10 in F Minor (Agnus Mysticus)
No. 11 in D-Flat Major (Portrait Of My Mother)
No. 12 in B-Flat Minor
No. 13 in G-Flat Major (Little Big Horn)
No. 14 in E-Flat Minor
No. 15 in B Major
No. 16 in G-Sharp Minor
No. 17 in E Major (East Is East And West Is West)
No. 18 in C-Sharp Minor
No. 19 in A Major
No. 20 in F-Sharp Minor (Ilon Allein)
No. 21 in D Major (Logue Hill)
No. 22 in B Minor (The Little Russian)
No. 23 in G Major
No. 24 in E Minor
No. 25 in C Major (Creation 1)
No. 26 in A Minor (Surf Session)
No. 27 in F Major (The Northumbrian)
No. 28 in D Minor (The Celtic)
No. 29 in G Major
No. 30 in E Minor (Creation 2)
No. 31 in D-Flat Major (Novette No. 1)
No. 32 in A Minor
No. 33 in A-Flat Major
No. 34 in A Minor (Fachwerk)
No. 35 in C Major (Creation 3)
No. 36 in D Minor (Novette No. 2)
No. 37 in C Major (Shakespeare City)
No. 38 in A Minor (Creation 4)
No. 39 in C Major (Heath On The Heather)
No. 40 in G Minor (Weel, Weel, Dukel)
No. 41 in G Major (Creation 5)
No. 42 in G Minor (The Birds)
No. 43 in A-Flat Major (Novette No. 3)
No. 44 in G Minor (Pentatonic Pastoral)
No. 45 in D Major (The Chromasomatic)
No. 46 in D Minor (Creation 6)
No. 47 in B-Flat Major
No. 48 in F Minor (Novette No. 4)
No. 49 in C Major (Bam Jam)
No. 50 in A Minor (Rodzinski Symphony)
No. 51 in C Major (Notturno No. 1)
No. 52 in G Minor (Notturno No. 2)
No. 53 in G Major (Creation 7)
No. 54 in D Minor
No. 55 in E-Flat Major (Ecologia)
No. 56 in C Minor (The Great White Way)
No. 57 in B-Flat Major (Novette No. 5)
No. 58 in A Minor
No. 59 in C Major
No. 60 in D Minor (Novette No. 6)
No. 61 in Mixolydian Mode (The Overtone Tree)
No. 62 in Dorian Mode (Pythagoras And His Pyramid Of Numbers)
No. 63 in Mixolydian Mode (Creation 9)
No. 64 in A Minor
No. 65 in Phrygian Mode (Callisto)
No. 66 in G Minor
No. 67 in G Major
No. 68 in D Minor
No. 69 in C Major
No. 70 in D Minor
No. 71 in C Major
No. 72 in A Minor
No. 73 in C Major
No. 74 in A Minor (The Sidereal Sea)
No. 75 in C Major
No. 76 in Dorian Mode (Theon Of Smyrna)
No. 77 in Mixolydian Mode (The Two-Directionality Of Time)
No. 78 i n C Minor (To The Spirit 0f Life)
No. 79 in D Minor (To Archey Proto)
No. 80 in E Minor (Evolevolution)
No. 81 in Mixolydian Mode (Creation 8)


SymphoniesChamber MusicBrassStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation Music PianoOrganSongs

Euphony No. 1 in C Major
Mini Sym
The Pentatonic Five
Viking I
Witch Of Endor
Irving Berlin - Always (Portitute)
Leonard Bernstein - There´s A Place (Portiture)
Ernest Fuchs - Time Is Money (Portiture)


No. 1 Portrait Of A Monarch
No. 2 Smoke Signals
No. 3 Ode To Venus
No. 4 Dwarf Mountain
No. 5 Kobo
No. 6 Good For Goodie
No. 7 Blue Moon
No. 8 Tom -Tom The Piper´s Son
No. 9 Bird´s Lament

Chamber Music

SymphoniesOrchestraBrassStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicPianoOrganSongs

Barn Dance
Bird Of Paradise
Bug On A Floating Leaf
Chaconne In C
Elf Dance
Ground In A Flat
Honey Bunny
Kain And Abel
Love Song
Marimba No. 1 "The Rain Forest"
Marimba No. 2 "Seascape Of The Whales"
Midgard Serpent
Peace Pipe
Rabbit Hop
Romany Road
Suite Equestria
Tonata In A Minor
Westward Ho!
Wind River Powwow


SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicPianoOrganSongs

Battery Park
Ber Jer
Charge Of The Light Brigade
EEC Song
Esprit De Corps
Fuchs Fanfare
Galloping Guns
Tbe Georges Three
Ger Eire,
Heimdal Fanfare
Helvetian Hundred
Horr The Heroe Hunter
Hugin And Munin
Lieutenant Long Knife
Lure Fanfare No. 1
Lure Fanfare No. 2
Napoleon´s Retreat
Navigators Of The World
Old Soldier
Onward And Upward
Pony Express
Rough Riders
Saxon Hain
Sitting Bull Custer
Triumphal Entry March
Verden 782
Wintertour De Force
Yankee Doodle Dixie


SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicBrassSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicPianoOrganSongs

As The Earth Turns
Canon In Asia Minor
Chaconne In C
Danse Orientale
Dark Eyes
Drops Of Water
Frost Flower
Log In C Minor
Log In G Major
Love Song
Magic Ring
Speak Of Heaven
String Quartet No. 1 in C Major
String Quartet No. 4 in D Minor
Surf Session

Saxophone Ensemble

SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicBrassStringsMeditation MusicPianoOrganSongs

Tout Suites:
No. 1 in F Major
No. 2 in G Minor
No. 3 in E-Flat Major
No. 4 in D Minor
No. 5 in F Major
No. 6 in C Minor
No. 7 in B-Flat Major
No. 8 in A Minor
No. 9 in B-Flat Major
No. 10 in C Minor
No. 11 in A-Flat Major
No. 12 in G Minor
No. 13 in B-Flat Major
No. 14 in C Minor
No. 15 in A-Flat Major
No. 16 in G Minor
No. 17 in E-Flat Major
No. 18 in D Minor
No. 19 in F Major
No. 20 in C Minor
No. 21 in B-Flat Major

D For Danny
Dog Trot No. 1
EEC Suite
Heath On The Heather
Mother´s Whistler
Novette No. 1
Novette No. 6
Present For The Prez
Rabbit Hop
Sandalwood No. 1
Sax Max In B-Flat Major
Shakespeare City
Single Foot

Sax Paxes:
No. 1 in F Major Blast Off
No. 2 in D Minor So Long Shorty
No. 3 in D-Flat Major Yumpin´ Yemeny
No. 4 in G Minor Innuendo

No. 1 in C Major
No. 2 in F Minor
No. 3 in F Major
No. 4 in D Minor
No. 5 in C Major
No. 6 in F Minor
No. 7 in E-Flat Major
No. 8 in D Minor
No. 9 in A-Flat Major
No. 10 in C Minor
No. 11 in E-Flat Major
No. 12 in D Minor
No. 13 in C Major
No. 14 in B-Flat Major
No. 15 in F Major
No. 16 in D Minor

Meditation Music

SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicBrassStringsSaxophone EnsemblePianoOrganSongs

Yin And Yang Canons Nos. 1-9 (all 81-part canons in overtones)

Cosmos I in Mixolydian Mode
Cosmos II in Mixolydian Mode
(both 1,000-part canons)


SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicBrassStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicOrganSongs

Art Of The Canon, Books I-V
(each book contains 25 pieces in all keys)

Für Fritz
Für Ilona
The Great Canon In B-Flat Major
Jazz Book I
Kleine Walzerklaenge
Prelude And Fugue, In D
Santa Fe
Sea Horse
Troubadour Harp Book


SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicBrassStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicPianoSongs

Organ Book I Op. 76, Nos. 1-26
Organ Bock Il Op. 87, Nos. 1-26
Organ Book III Op. 94, Nos. 1-26

Bug On A Floating Leaf Op. 11, No. 4
Crescent Moon March Op. 11, No. 5
Loui Lis Op. 78, No. 16
Mirage 0 p. 11, No.
Oasis Op. 11, No. 1
Organ Duets Op. 88, Nos. 1 -9
Sand Lily Op. 11, No. 2
Single Foot Op. 22, No. 3

From Creation:
Love Song
Midgard Serpent
Milky Way
Wedding March
Wedding Scene
White Giant
World Of Mist


SymphoniesOrchestraChamber MusicBrassStringsSaxophone EnsembleMeditation MusicPianoOrgan

1927 "Oh The Lonetree Bombadiers"
1942 "Electra"
1944 "Lullaby"
1946 "Moon Over Manhattan"
1946 "U.N. Hymn"
1947 "Moondog"
1948 "Jeannie"
1948 "Santa Fe"
1948 "Speak Of Heaven"
1950-70 Madrigal Books I-X
1957 "New York"
1970 "Bye Bye Manhattan"
1973 "In Vienna"
1973 "Paris"
1974 "Spruchweisheiten Aus Aller Welt"
1974 "Vocal Rounds"
1977 H´Art Songs
1978 Canons And Couplets
1979 Hardin Cards
1980 EEC Suite
1981 Navigators Of The World
1983 Lineare Lieder
1983 "Acetabularia"
1983 "Archey Proto In My Name"
1984 "Cock A Doodle Doo"
1985 The Spirit Of Life
1985 Levolution Venus Evolution
1985 "Prince Edward´s Isle"
1988 "Cinderella"
1988 "Hnossa"
1988 "Out Of The Mouth"
1989 "Fancy"
1989 "I´m In Love"
1989 "I Plucked A Thorny Rose"
1989 "I Want A Waltz"
1989 "Let Me Love You"
1989 "Mockingbird"
1989 "New Amsterdam"
1989 "Nicole"
1989 "She Was Too Beautiful"
1989 "There´s A Rose"
1989 "This One Wish"
1989 "Time Will Heal"
1989 "Waltzing"
1989 "Weeping Willow"
1990 "Out In Wyoming"
1990 "Shakespeare City"
1991 "I Love You More And More"
1992 "Nico Quicko"
1992 "The Only Life Worth Living"
1992 The Ecologue

All compositions published by Managarm, Ilona Sommer, Schillerstraße 49, 48155 Münster, Germany.

more in progress