Lotisami (Collection of Couplets)
Milleniad (1000 Couplets)

Sheet Music

Jazz Book (Music for little Hands)
Art of the Canon I
Art of the Canon II
Art of the Canon III
Madrigal Book I
Troubadour Harp Book
Two Canons
Aska Me
Divisi I
Divisi II
Divisi III
Divisi IV
The Great Canon
A Collection of Pieces for Piano:
    Jazz-Suite (3 pieces from Jazz Book)
    Barn Dance
    Chaconne in a-minor (Für Fritz)
    Elf Dance
    Prelude and Fugue
    Santa Fé (piano and song)
    Sea Horse
    Birthday Canon
    Chaconne in C
    Encore - Utsu
    Kleine Walzerklänge
    Ma Petite
    The Only Life

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Most of Moondog's works are published by Managarm Musikverlag in Germany. By his last will the heritage of Moondog is administered and owned by Ilona Sommer. Ilona Sommer died in September 2011. In her will she appointed the German lawyer Alexander Duve Berlin) as the executor of her estate including the copyrights in Moondog's works. Moondog's heritage is therefore now being administered by Alexander Duve, Berlin (Germany). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moondog

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For buying sheet music, you can try these three e-mail adresses:
ad@buschduve-legal.de ( Alexander Duve, the lawyer and administrator of the legacy)
ilona.sommer@managarm.com (Still working but now Ludwig Sommer, her husband)
phone: 0049-251-65978
info@moondogscorner.de (Wolfgang Gnida, moondogscorner, working in the Moondog Archive)