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9. August 2001 bis 8. Februar 2009

LESLY HAMILTON, 08.02.2009
yes I was fortunate to meet him or to find him in 6th Ave, (1972/73) I think such a nice ,memorable encounter**** he gave me his vynil... I have a Photo.

sergei vanderwiel, 24.01.2009
Well, Moondog influenced everyone he came into contact with. What an amazing artest and person----thanks for the memories, sergei vanderwiel

Thomas Lautenschlag, 02.01.2009
I came across Moondog via "Stamping ground" featured in "The Big Lebowski". Thanks for your explicit material listed here, thus phenomena like Louis T. Hardin never disappear!

Rekan Abrahamsson, 29.12.2008
There is a man who knows more about Moondog than you making this documentary. That you do not have a partnership whith him is a mystery. Regards Rekan

Lance Miller, 24.12.2008
I heard my first Moondog album in the mid sixties when I was living in Venice Beach, California. His music has run through my mind ever since then.

Nestor Velasquez, 22.12.2008
I just heard about Moondog a few days ago and I am hooked on his music. Just fantastic stuff.

radnor 309, 18.12.2008
We love moondog--he is the man. This site needs better graphix, probably some spinning mushrooms and moondog concert stills? mike says, action shots.

George O'Connor, 28.11.2008
An interesting man I encountered growing up on Manhattan Island. Nice to see this site.

Greg Brown, 02.11.2008
I had the good fortune at 14 years old, to see Moondog conduct a concert of his music at a WBAI Free Music Store in a church on, or near, Washington Square Park in the Winter of 1970(It may have been Judson Memorial Church). He vanished from New York soon after, but has left an impression on me that has never faded away. I'm not sure where it is, but WBAI taped all of those concerts. There is a Pacifica archive that might have it.

Morgan M. Morgan, 07.10.20088,
I never realized Moondog had gotten so well known. I remember meeting him once while living on the streets. It was in the Cambridge Commons, every weekend was free concerts and one time I saw him standing near a group of conga players, taking in the sounds of various congas, bottles, cans and whatever else anyone had to add. I was curious who he was and tried to speak to him, but he just held his palm out and said "Listen". Someone told me later his name was Moondog. He disappeared several days later, but throughout the years I ran into more and more people who had met him in NY. Nice to know he is remembered. He was quite the imposing figure.

Jonathan Rimorin
I am amazed by this man. I was entranced by the music, and after exploring for a while discovered his life story, which I find [i]amazing[/i]. Harry Partch, Lou Harrison, and now Moondog. What a world.

MerlinTintin, 17.09.2008,
A great genious ! His style remember me Charles Mingus - one of my favorite artist.

philipp orlowski, 30.08.2008,
für mich einer der wichhtigsten musiker überhaupt, ein unerschöpflicher inspirationsquell und bedeutend wegenseiner eigenständigkeit, würde gern mehr fans kennenlernen

Steve Niggins, 28.08.2008
I had the opportunity to spend some time with Moondog in the late 60's or early 70's when he was a guest at our home in Dolton, Illinois. At the time I was approximately 10 years and remeber him as a gentle giant. I have photos with him and my brother and at the time he was looking to manufacture a small hand held harp constructed of wood.

tom, 28.08.2008
hi there, does anyone know who owns moondog's copyright, now that sony relinquished ownership last year? if you could email me then that would be superb... many thanks, tom

lukas meza, 26.08.2008
recientemente descubri a moondog y fui totalmente cautivado por sus melodias, y despues de ver fotos y leer su biografia puedo decir que esta es una de esas personas maravillosas que poco se ven en la vida...

Joseph, 19.08.2008
--- an influential composer. ---

willem wittstamm, 13.08.2008
I was happy enough to live with moondog for a while in our Hexenhäuschen in Recklinghausen, leading him to the streets corner where he spent his day reciting and drumming. Quotation: \"came to germany to bring you back the drumming\". Never forget the big "Hagall-drum" we played on winter solstice. Really blew me away! The skin was from the Recklinghausen slaughterhouse, he had spend days and nights in our bathroom cleaning the bloody skin with knife and salt, what a mess, what a smell, what a character. We always invited him to our hippie feasts, he played the drum like hell, then suddenly layed down, slept deep in the middle of the orgie, woke up, played on. More info on demand, greetings willem

Ian Angell, 20.07.2008
Moondog was a truly amazing man. I want to use some of his wise quotations in my lectures. Does anyone know of a copyright free image that I can use in my presentations. Thanks

James, 30.06.2008
His music touched my heart. I will always love him.

Frank Mancinelli, 18.06.2008
Long live Moondog!

Hiawatha, 13.05.2008
Very nice site. I don't know if anyone's mentioned it but Robert Scotto's authorized biography of Moondog is now available. I just finished reading it, and it's very well done, and comes with a companion CD sampler of Moondog's work. The paperback ISBN is 978-0-9760822-8-6 you may want to update youe 'biography' page to reflect this book.

Alfred Curtis, 05.04.2008
nicely done site....wish more of his music was played!

Dennis Charles, 29.03.2008, Homepage:
fascinating, wonderful, mysterious and everything good! love ya moondog!

parker, 05.03.2008
Moondog came to London in 1990 (I Think) He performed at the Guildhall school of music with Danny Thompson and approx 20 saxophones. One of the best hours of my life,

Jovan Weismiller, 29.02.2008
Glad to see he's not forgotten! BTW, he was born in Marysville (with an "s") not Maryville (no "s"). I'm from Marysville, KS, too, and Maryville is over in Missouri.

JAN, 20.02.2008
some information about how this great individual and musician influenced composers like philip glass would be very interesting...

Beezer de Martelly, 17.02.2008
How wonderful this man was.

gerry Monaghan, 15.02.2008, Homepage:
Is there an archive anywhere which holds examples of Moondog's braille music compositions?

Sunshine, 10.02.2008, Homepage:
I have just been introduced to the being MoonDog by my good friend Craig -- now I must hear some of these instruments!

Gerry Monaghan, 27.01.2008
I am an artist living in Ithaca, NY, very near to Candor. I just finished the Robert Scotto biography of Moondog and I feel like I have had a life changing experience. Since I live so close to Candor, I am feeling inspired to go and find out more about that time in his life. I have already met several people who have stories about the time Moondog showed up in town. How cool. Thanks for the great website. I look forward to ordering some of the recordings, though I don't know how I can make my payments in Euros. I am sure I can just let Visa do the math.

Ron Coro, 14.01.2008
I just came upon your website and wanted you to know that I'm the original desiner for ther first two Moondog Masterworks LP's that were relaesed by Colimbia Records. I was a staff designer back then. I have the Moondog LP in my portfolio all therse years. Actually thge type font was desined by me for this cover and I called it CORO-MOON. Should you have any questions on how we did the cover art, please email me any time.

John Brooks, 05.01.2008
For those of us who had a chance to see Moondog on his corner,it was a liberating sight. Now thanks to the internet I can listen to his wonderful musical legacy. I am thankful.

nykid, 05.01.2008
i have the pleasure of childhood memories of moondog standing, like a benevolent guardian, on the corner of 6th avenue. he mystified and intrigued me, and seemed as if he had always been there and would never leave. manhattan has changed much since those days in the '60 and '70's, but my memory of him will never fade.


benjamin brodbeck, 30.12.2007
just got in first contact with his music, how beautiful thanx for providing this site

Jim Stratton, 29.12.2007, Homepage:
Hey this Man is a friend of mines Uncle on his Mothers side.Her Father was a Pharmacist. And are related to John Wesley Hardin. Small world Huh? Thanks MoonDog

Adrianna Grace, 11.12.2007
My friend Rebecca and I would go to Manhattan as young teenagers in the late 60's and early 70's, and we'd see and talk to this unusual person named Moondog, who we thought was just an ecelectic street person. How wonderful to find he was an amazing man and musician! Peace be with him.

Leah Robb, 09.12.2007, Homepage:
Heard about Moondog on Classic FM! As I do something similar myself, looked MD up and really enjoyed it. I am a painter, but have some of my quirky music pieces on You Tube under my name - Percussitive Thinking is a good example.

alessandro monti, 11.10.2007, Homepage:
I've just discovered (& received) the marvellous reissues "Moondog & His Friends"/"Pastoral Suite-Surf Session": I think they're among the best Moondog's recordings ever: ESSENTIAL! Thank you & Greetings from Venice, Italy

Le K, 15.09.2007 Homepage:
Thanks moondog for your 50 years of musical production. Your music is the link between the past, the present the future, and that why I enjoy it so much. Peace

Jacob mouse, 20.08.2007
I have only recently discovered Moondog and his music. I'm so glad I have, his spirit will live on forever. A genius.

Robert de Benoist, 29.07.2007
Thanks for your site and differents links about Hardin's music...I'm still searching for a LP (edited in 1986)of "Ensemble Bracelli", playing his music...Is there somebody to help me to get it? Many thanks

Roger, 21.07.2007
During the late 60's and early 70's I worked in a building on Ave. of the Americas and 54th St.. I saw Moondog almost every day and some days several times and had on many occaisions stopped and talked with him. After a few conversations he would recognize me after my first word. He always seemed to be upbeat and happy to talk with those who took time out to speak with him.

Kate Hardin, 21.07.2007
Yes indeed, Hardin is my name. Moondog is (was) my great-uncle. His younger brother, Creighton (died in 2003) was my grandfather. I heard stories about Moondog growing up and we had a few records that we would play, but unfortunately never met him. I hear of his often, though, and he certainly is a character in 20th century American folklore. I will check in on "Moondog's Corner" now, and let my family know what a nice tribute you have to our uncle Moondog!

george t gale, 14.07.2007
last time i saw moon dog was snmmer of 1969 and he wanted to get a little farme in up state new york. He was all done with the city george
Craig N. Mantley, 15.06.2007
Wonderful to know that there are people that know and understand fine music/composing, MOONK9 is great!!!

Eleski,08.05.2007, Homepage:
greatest composers ever, 1 beethoven, 2 moondog

peter krowina,09.04.2007
I remember listening to moondog in the 60\\\'s I just wondered what happend to him.

uter, 22.03.2007
We are the Moondog Music groups!!!!! Is very goods!!!!! we are looking for rare pictures of moondog(s) for our albums, particularly in revealing dress... WE ARE LIKINGS!!!!!

Orginalljudet, 17.03.2007, Homepage:
Moondog, one of the greatest genious in music of our time. We started a group inspired by the man. Does anybody know where i can find similar percussion? Best!

steve cosens
wow. today, for the first time, i opened a window to Moondog and let the brilliance of the day shine in. what a discovery he is for me. montreal. winter 2007.

Fabiano Scodeler, 22.02.2007
Thank you for the site, I´m having my initial contact to the Moondog music and the site was very important for knowing about his discography and life. Greetings from Brasil.

jackie morris, 22.01.2007, Homepage:
Beautiful man, beautiful music. Like a character from a book. His music haunts the air and is wonderful for working to, both writing and painting, though sometimes, demands just to be listened to. Thanks for the site and all the info it provides. Love the phot on Rare Material

Jos van den Berg, 14.01.2007
I have just received the 2 cd's I ordered from this website, "Pastoral Suite/Surf Session" and "Moondog and his Friends 2006". Both are Moondog's Corner Releases, and have been prepared from old and hard to find recordings by Moondog in the 1950's. I can heartily recommend these cd's to any Moondog fan. First of all it was a thrill to hear some 'new' Moondog music. I am a fan of his music for many years, and both cd's are valuable additions to my collection. The sound of both cd's is excellent, clearly done with great love for this music! The new CD also contains 3 additional pieces by other musicians. 2 interpretations of Moondog compositions, and a piece by Stefan Lakatos inspired by Moondog. They are also very worthwhile. Thank you, Moondog's Corner, for these reissues, and for keeping the legacy of Moondog alive.


John Gormley, 28.12.2006
I was working at a large healthfood store in San Francisco, and a fellow employee had tapes played in the store. A most haunting piece, Symphonique#6 , would play, and I finally had to find out from Andrew "what is that ?" "Oh, that is Moondog...he is a famous, blind, street musician in New York.....he dresses like a Viking... and is almost seven feet tall..and with his Viking hat...he is very very tall" Then it hit me. I remembered in the fall of 1955, at age 4, walking in New York with my father. There, on a corner, was a nearly frightening man standing. My father whispered "he is blind"...and I still remember as we approached, and walked around him, his blind eyes stared at me...I could feel him looking, his eyes following me as we walked by, and as I walked beyond he had turned arond the corner of the skyscraper and '' watched me'' intently. I still recall I was not scared, though to a four year old, I could have been. I did not understand how a blind man could "see me"...but I know to this day , that he did. I feel an emotional connection to him as a result, and an intellectual connection to his genius of musical creation. I think he saw more than most people. I grew up in CT, so this was my dad's and my first trip to New York , together. I will always love New York, and never forget the man behind the haunting music that replays in my mind so often. John

Malcolm McKenzie, 16.11.2006
Thanks for this site which I have just discovered thanks to Wikipedia. As a young man in 1970 I was enthralled by the Moondog LP, I listened to it for hours. It certainly helped shape my musical tastes. I lost my LP many years ago but I shall be on the lookout now for the CD which you list.

TOM (Moondog's Corner),16.11.2006, Homepage:
'Sidewalk Dances' comes out in the january/february 2007. TOM

Carl Gardner -- United Kingdom, 16.11.2006
A treat for all Moondog fans. The British pianist/composer, Joanna MacGregor, has just recorded 'Sidewalk Dances', an album of her exquisite arrangements of Moondog's best-known pieces, with saxophonist Andy Sheppard and the Britten Sinfonia. I saw them perform it last night (15 Nov 2006) in London and it was superb -- a vibrant, exciting, joy-filled homage and celebration of Moondog's work. Buy it.

john, 12.09.2006
Hi leute, ich liebe diese Seite. Mfg, john.

Neil Fitzpatrick, 23.08.2006
I have one memory of Moondog in the mid-sixties. I was with my family visiting our aunt in the Bronx on our annual visit from Jersey. She\'d taken us into midtown to Radio City and there he was. I had no idea who he was, but stopped to snap his picture with my Brownie. He turned away when he sensed me nearing and since I had no idea he was blind I simply attributed it to him simply ignoring some precocious brat. I still have the photo.

Arnulf Marquardt-Kuron, Homepage:
A few years ago I bought the CD \"Sax Pax for A Sax\". Since three years we have the saxophone ensemble of Bonn (in german: Bonner Saxophon-Ensemble). And now we want to play some Pieces of the CD. My question is now: Where can I buy the notes? Thank for vour help! Arnulf Marquardt-Kuron

Frank, 14.08.2006
Dear Louis, it was great to meet you. And it was inspiring to work for you and with you. I will come to your place next time I am in Münster. Thanks Frank

Francesco Bonifazi, 29.07.2006, Homepage:
Thank you for maintaining the legacy of Moondog. My parents introduced me to his music with one of his records from the 50s or 60s. They used to see him in The Village (NYC) back then. He was ahead of his time for sure...he would have been a big success in the New Age Genre. I can't say for sure, but having heard his use of unsual instruments when I was young, may have influenced my musical career. Ciao! Francesco Bonifazi - The Jazz Whistler 2003 International Champion - Popular Music Colorado - USA

jo richter, 22.07.2006, Homepage:
moondog\'s appeal is outstanding - in him the dreamer and the realist sound in unison - with a lot of fun, as well - \"you don\'t have to follow the herd\"

nat, 18.07.2006
this music kind of coalesces out of the environment, is in harmony with what's around. not trying to exceed or obscure anything. i remember lecturers in art school telling us how important originality was. the idea was that you coudln't be so original you'd be out of touch or out of context. the work had to connect to events and culture. but you coudln't be following an existing movement too far back either- had to be at the crest of the wave. what crap. actually the only way to do art is to use what's at hand and to make what it fulfills you truly to make. that pretty much excludes considerations of rank/sociopolitical function (unless it truly deeply fulfills you to comment thru your work on the nature of art and the state of art-crit, which is beside the point). i'm not surprised to see on the site that moondog spent all this time on the street; the piece of his music that moves me the most as a new listener is 'avenue of the americas', in which the traffic sounds swell and surge, ebbing and flowing in perfect harmony with the other instruments. so sonorous and melodic. this is my favourite kind of music, that balances just on the liminal (a beautiful word) zone between nature and artifice. kind of perhaps a musical version of what andy goldsworthy's work might look like if he was in the city making stuff out of urban detritis instead of ice, rocks, spiderweb, wool etc. with a classical-baroque embellishment visible here and there, just for the pleasure of the refined formalism of it. this kind of music is groudned in the real world as it sensually and impressionistically manifests in the imagination. it\'s artifice still, and in being so, brings the beautiful patterns of the world into focus. anyway, i like it, adn that's why. at least partly because of the bollox i was taught in uni, i lost my way. it's really lovely to see that this man got through life somehow with unfettered self-expression.

Nathaniel Lane, 17.07.2006

Ccdesan, 20.05.2006
Wow. I remember seeing Moondog on the streets of New York when I was growing up there. I no idea he was such an accomplished musician. I used to say hello to him all the time. I'm glad to have found this site and learned more about his rich and varied life.

Pedro, 12.05.2006
Anfang der Siebziger hatte ich einen meiner Gedanken aufgeschrieben: "Ein Mensch stirbt erst, wenn auch alle jene gestorben sind, die ihn kannten." in puncto MOONDOG darf ich nun, 35 Jahre später ergänzend hinzufügen: "...wobei sein Lebenswerk ihn allerdings fast unsterblich machen kann." Wenn einige Wenige sich in zwei Wochen seines 90. Geburtstages erinnern werden, gehöre ich dazu - as god will. Aber ich ich werde mich nicht einfach nur erinnern. Im dänischen Handberg werde ich auf den Limfjorden schauen und all die wunderbare Musik auf mich wirken lassen, die ich dorthintragen kann. MOONDOG`S Zauber war, daß er trotz seiner Erblindung sehen, Dinge und Stimmungen mit hoher Kunst beschreiben und umsetzen konnte. Und seine spacige Begabung werde ich an diesem Gedenktag genießen, auch um ihm vielleicht etwas von dem zurückgeben zu können, was er uns Menschen geschenkt hat. Die Nachwelt sollte keinen Kult um MOONDOG bauen, aber seine Kunst und seinen Witz nicht achtlos umherliegen lassen, wie leider oft in den letzten Jahrzehnten geschehen. See You Pedro

DAVID LEONHARD, 26.04.2006
I\'m a surgeon and I live in Romania, a small country from Eastern Europe.I like very much Moondog. His music is sublime. God bless you Moondog

light condor, 16.04.2006
I used to see Moodog on the streets of NYC in the early 70's, as an innocent yet rebellious teenager longing for meaning. He represented something mysterious and unique, a symbol of what I was looking for in my own existence, in some strange way. I never knew anything about him, till he died a few years ago, and a happened to see an article about him. I am glad to find this website and others who are also fascinated by him!

Douglas Held, 16.04.2006, Homepage:
I have been hunting down and buying Moondog records for over ten years. His work with rhythms amazes me. Thanks, Moondog.

Paul Nickelson, 14.04.2006
First a thank-you for such a wonderful website. Second, to paraphrase something he might have written: \\\"The internet connection found this on a Kansas man He claims to be from Sasnak to mystify the band.\\\" I\\\'m a fellow Kansan whose creations have found center stage on world class stages in classical music...something I never could have imagined as a kid on a Kansas farm...nor would Moondog have imagined his success in the direction he found while watching Kansas sunrises. I\\\'m in awe of many things .. most of all the mystery of \\\"connect-the-dots\\\" in the journey. Toymkr

Isaac Otto, 10.04.2006
Thank you for bringing the world more information about this legend of a man.

steko, 08.04.2006, Homepage:
à la mémoire d\'un génie. avec respect et admiration. je découvre enfin l\'oeuvre de moondog et je sais qu\'elle m\'accompagnera à présent.

Julio Flores Alvir, 05.04.2006
Hello, I just knew about moondog a month ago and i'm already hooked up on the viking of 6th ave. Hope I like the rest of his work

huw Griffith, 25.03.2006
totally loved his music first listen...took me somewhere that made me smile.XXX

jojo, 17.03.2006
i just know him for 2 monds and(the first song for me was \"be a hobo\") i never heard such simple beautifull music ,he must be a genius in his \"thing\" that he did. respect for the man. greetz from belgium,jojo.

joris degoumois, 10.03.2006
i pay tribute for his talent. and say thanks for all his work hi to the yankees and the vikings

Victoria, 08.03.2006

christo, 05.03.2006

amadeus, Homepage:
Recently I was introduced to Moondog\'s work by the music scientist Dr Arne Blum and would be glad to find some sheet music available or more CDs of him - what an interesting composer!

Lucy Jordan, 26.02.2006
Moondog is a genius. Thanks for the beautiful site.

Sean, 24.02.2006
Hello, Just leaving a little word in order to pay my respect towards one of the most intriguing musical figures of our times. Regards, Sean

mekameta, 23.02.2006, Homepage:
I posted a note about Moondog and your website on my weblog. thank tout for the good informations!...

Carlos Burlar, 23.02.2006
Dear Friends, I remember Moon Dog when I was a young man. I was still small and he was much older. I remember shaking his hand, I trying to look through his eyes to see what he saw. His memeories have lasted my whole life. I was changed in that moment. I remember a harp that he made... the home he made by hand.... the hills of New York..... then he left for Germany....I never new what happened to him..... but I remember Carlos Burlar

Roger Plum, 21.02.2006
Hallo , suche den Film Anfang der 90 ér Jahre, vom Studio Bochum über Louis T. Hardin.

odradek, 17.02.2006
I have written a little page on a italian music site about a Moondog\'s record, remembering the gentle \ "divine clochard\". It is an invitation to young listeners to discover his music. recensionidb/ID_8277/Moondog_The_German_Years_19771999.htm Thanks for this great site. odradek

Josh, 13.02.2006
2/13/06 I am saddened to learn that one of my creativity heros has passed on; I will certainly miss Moondog. I don\'t recall when I first heard Moondog\'s music, but very likely in the mid-to-late 1970\'s, and I was hooked from then on. I was entranced by his wit and intense sense of musical design, and played his LP \"Moondog\" over and over, until I could easily hum in my mind his complex orchestrations. I credit Moondog alongside John Cage and Sun Ra for having influenced my appreciation for Avant Garde music, and I shall miss all three of these fine fellows. JM

frosty, 05.02.2006 , Homepage:
MOONDOG, 6am sun hits a winter rooftop above a city half asleep. It illuminates the dusty windows of a wooden shed and creeps shyly inside. In the crisp morning air a man awakes. He sits inside himself for a few moments as the idea of a new day fades in. Out of the folds of his blankets he\'s born into being. His body erects itself limb by limb and from above a long beard he yawns dragon plumes into the chill. Over patchwork pants and tunic he pulls a woolen blanket so it hangs diagonally like a diamond poncho. With a bend he slides into boxy, hand-cobbled shoes then stands upright again to crest his salt and pepper locks with a fur-lined Viking helmet. The man\'s appearance is at once square and pointy, perfect symmetry thrown askew. He grabs a long spear, leather sacks and a small cart from his cramped quarters and steps into the world. He is Moondog. After hitting the ground floor beads of sweat challenge the cold and bubble on his brow. With a confident wipe he awaits. The city is starting to stir. Its whirlpool sweeps circularly, compresses and explodes in every direction. New York City is its own universe and our friend absorbs the energy. He stands static just beyond his doorstep breathing in the surrounding (com)motion. Taxis honk along, pigeons coo on their speckled ledges and heels hit the pavement in a double time march. Moondog listens. His ears are open to all, bringing into unison an urban rhythm that mutates every moment. The equally brilliant colors accompanying the city\'s cacophony don\'t matter in the least to this Viking. He can\'t see a thing. At seventeen he tried to liven up a Kansas afternoon by detonating a dynamite cap. Instead of bashing the boredom it blinded him. In this new world without sight he found true vision. Music became the ultimate vibrancy and this is the signal he shares on city streets. With bundles and spear in tow our hero makes his way. He knows the streets but finds himself decoding the combinations of corners and chaos. Each intersection has its own sound and smell . The diner on the corner of 11th and Avenue B is pungent with pastrami and polka. The Baptist church on 14th & Broadway keeps the air alive with ecstatic votes for Jesus. Their fervor is matched by booing/cheering baseball fans in the bar one block up but with the added scent of stale beer. Once settled in a foreign doorway Moondog prepares his mystical music machines. The tools of his tuneful trade are unique. Most are instruments are of his invention. He reaches within a bundle to remove a triangular contraption called a Trimba, made of leather, wood and love for the greater transmission of his rhythmic blood. He places it on the ground and sits Indian style beginning to slowly tap the edge with a maraca. thump shake thump thump shake thump shake thump thump shake thump shake thump thump. A cymbal stuck to the Trimba\'s side starts to radiate with the resonance of the drum\'s afterglow. Moondog smiles slightly under his beard and keeps the rhythm steady. Soon the birds have flown away and circle in the sky above. The Sun hides behind a lone cloud. Mystery fills all around the sound. thump shake thump thump shake thump shake thump thump shake shake shake shake thump. A woman in a housecoat and curlers stops her busy stroll for a moment and gets locked into the exotic beat that pounds at her feet. Her eyes turn to spirals. Suddenly without warning Moondog jumps into double time -> thumpshakethumpthumpshakethumpshakethump. The woman jumps out of herself with a start, \"Ahhhheeeehh.\" She clutches her purse as the Viking opens his mouth to softly sing, \"I see her in the midnight sky, my fairest of the fair. She\'s dancing on a crescent moon and stars are in her hair.\" The woman dashes away. He is swept away. Bus wheels turning turn into cycling bars and measures. The growing pattern is precise yet far out like Eastern waves crashing punctually on a cosmic shore. Trimba rolls bubble into being and fill the air with hypnotism. Through the pulsing beat all else melts. Bricks become pure reflections of Moondog\'s message. The traffic flows with the motion of the music as his hands blur into rippling waves. These sounds are NOW. Moondog\'s darkness suddenly flips into negative and all is bright. Pale dust swirls about his feet and they are smaller. The sky is a blue so brilliant is shocks his heart. He is not Moondog but his younger self, 7-year-old Louis Hardin sitting on the lap of Arapaho Chief Yellow Calf. In his hand is a wooden mallet, its bulbous head wrapped in leather. Amongst the circle of teepees they sit together beating a tom tom. boom boom boom boom. The Chief guides Louis\' hand not like a gentle mother but like a man. This is serious, the translation of a blood beat. A message he must spread forever. Boom Boom Boom Boom. They strike the buffalo skin bringing into being ancient transmissions. Thunderbolts forged for tomorrow. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Without warning the ecstatic moment fades away. Little Louis\'s arm stops frozen on the upswing. It fills with veins and age and is no longer held by the stoic chief. A cold force clasps Moondog and the world is dark once again. \"Where you from bub?\" challenges a beat cop in his gruff tone. \"From beyond beyond. The here that\'s no longer there and where you\'ll never dare. A kingdom called Sasnak,\" sings Moondog. \"Sasnak?\" spits the cop in a quizzical tone. If he had been able to see the word reflected in his shiny badge Kansas would clearly appear. \"Well you better scoot your scum back to Sasnak or I'll crack this arm.\" Moondog gives a quick twist of his wrist and slips free. He calmly gathers the still glowing Trimba and whistles a melody that if translated into words would sparkle, \"I send the city slithering in snaketime down the streets. I provide the 8/4 beat to which they shuffle their feet.\" The cop stands dumb as Moondog strolls away. With serenity he slides down the sidewalk, turning heads at every step but fully enveloped in the afterglow of his transcendence. He floats the blocks to his corner, 54th Street and 6th Avenue. Moondog is the Viking of 6th Avenue, a fixture known to police and pedestrians alike. You can nearly see his shadow on the cement even when his body isn\'t here. Moon unpacks his wares: record albums, booklets, a turquoise arrowhead and a sign advertising \"couplets for a couple of cents.\" He pulls another special creation from his cart and starts to strike the harp-like Oo to the sound of the city. Armies march down the Avenue of the Americas, off to capture the castle. Little do they know the walls of the keep are always an eternity away. They will trod onward momentarily slow at his sight. The sidewalk scurry sweeps around him in every direction. A man comes close and speaks. This voice is warm and familiar. It is that of Arnold Schopkin, first chair clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic. Moondog has an open invitation to their rehearsals. He is well thought of within the creative circle and thrives in the reassurance of their respect. The friendly musician requests a couplet and the Viking poetically responds, \"The greatest earthly monarch has a body and a soul. His royal name is Seasky and he rules from pole to pole.\" He softly speaks each syllable like blowing a mountain of clouds. Arnold presses a folded bill into Moondog\'s palm and walks away with a familiar farewell, \"Until then and never soon enough.\" In the warm afterglow of their exchange Moondog feels complete. A bird sings from high above, the wind whooshes by, and a distant jackhammer pounds a thunder rhythm in threes. In the spell of these sounds Moondog sees Chief Yellow Calf and smiles. -frosty

Locopomo, Eingetragen am 04.02.2006
I\'ve just \"discovered\" Moondog and find myself incredibly moved by his music. What a find and what a man!

Steve, 23.01.2006
I remember in the late 60\'s seeing and speaking with Moondog he was standing in a door way in his Viking outfit on 5th Ave. near Radio City Music Hall. I still enjoy his music today.

Richard Rudnickas, 20.01.2006
im 55 and i remember Moon Dog, I saw him in NYC around 1969-1970, I was so intiimidated by him standing there handing me his poetry, I wish I kept it, it was an important experience in my life growing up. I never forgot him. I saw him only one time. I now have his music, and being older regret being to young to talk to him at the time but grateful to have the experience and the memory that I dont think a lot of people have. It was important in my life because i never forgot seeing him. And I remember him even though I didnt fully realize the importance of him. Only getting older can do that. Thank yu MOON DOG

sven, 14.01.2006
dear friends! who knows about more the film \"moondog\"? a documentary made in the early 90\'s from the studio bochum! i need a copy, a piece of those! help me! sven

Schmid Christian, 12.01.2006
I like your stuff!!! Could you please send an information when you update this site to -- many thanks, christian

marc stolz, 04.01.2006, Homepage:
hello, i habe a very special question. in the interview with werner stifele 1992 moondog says:der Schlüssel liegt in den ersten neun Obertönen. Sie enthalten eine versteckte Botschaft von dem, der das Universum geschaffen hat. Ich nenne ihn Mastermind. Diese Obertöne sind Klangwellen. Sie existieren, seit das Universum geschaffen wurde, Wer auch immer das Universum schuf, wenn es je geschaffen wurde: Er plazierte in den Obertönen eine Botschaft für ein intelligentes Wesen, damit sie irgendwann entdeck würde. Nach vielen Jahren des Nachdenkens über die Obertöne bin ich der Glückliche. do you know more about these messages? about his spiritual beliefs? i would be very thankful if you could tell me more about this subjekt. thanks


hielo smith ( frenchfonkyman ), 22.12.2005
A great man. A moonwalker across the stars... may see U behond suns !!!

Martin, 12.12.2005
Moondog\'s works are simply huge ! really astonishing... i realize that i would have done anything to see him live, if only i would have known of him before his death... Anyways, thanks for all the work, your website is a gold mine ! Martin (from France)

Ingrid Pastorius, 10.12.2005 , Homepage:
I was introduced to Moondog by an avid Jaco fan, Thomas, and now I am a fan of Moondog's. As with Jaco, Moondog's works stir the heart, the soul, the imagination, and my biorhythms. :o) Thanks for the site, and what it offers. I have linked it on my site, and hope many more discover this most amazing musician/artist for eons to come.

Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, 23.11.2005
Guten tag, and thank you so much for having assembled so many photos and stories about Moondog! I am Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Duke of Talisker, New York City\'s Unofficial Wizard --- and, if I may, let me tell you that, after learning of Moondog\'s death, I posted mine own tribute in my Dark Chambers website. Sadly, I deleted the text of that tribute, thinking that here in New York, Moondog\'s legend would pass and be forgotten. Fortunately, it has not been forgotten; there are several eccentrics whom I have deemed worthy enough to carry on his legacy. I should wish to name them for you now: Robert John Burck, the Stetson-clad guitarist in Jockey shorts, he that calleth himself the Naked Cowboy; Stephen Kaufman, who, as Thoth, serves as the violin- playing chronicler of the ancient language of the Festad; Panayotis Venetis, formerly of Manhattan, and presently living in Hawley, PA, who --- under the name Thor the Barbarian --- champions the cause of the downtrodden and imaginative --- and, dare I say it, yours truly. I believe that we four are the sole heirs to Moondog\'s legacy; though our methods differ, we try in our own respective ways to bring happiness to others. I hope that, by preserving Moondog\'s dream online, you good people are able to do the same. Fearlessly yours, Master Blackwolf

Mathias, 22.11.2005
I just inherited \"New York 19\" and was greatfull for the information on your page, since there really isn\'t much more on the net about this terrific and strange musician, from the days of old..

kara bohnenstiel, 22.11.2005
Danke Moondog. Du ist mein gunstig Komponist. Ich wohne in New York mit mein Mann, Scott Haggart, und Sohn, Myat Moondog Haggart. Wir denken viel auf du... tschus! Liebe, Kara Bohnenstiel

Nick Young, 09.11.2005 , Homepage:
Long live Moondog\'s name and music. I was played a Moondog album last night and now I\'m addicted! Great website, I now know much more... Nick (London, England)

Christopher Meyer-Kretschmer, 06.11.2005, Homepage:
I happened to take a walk on the Münster Central Cemetery today and noticed Moondogs grave on the far end - it looked so unusual and impressive that I looked him up in the internet and ended up here. Very interesting indeed, without that walk I would never have taken notice of him. Keep up the good work!

gerasimos, 02.11.2005
i am 22 old from greece. i have only sax pax for a sax one year, and i love it much ! i would like to find all works from him, i think is great ! good site, thanks

Scott Haggart, 27.10.2005
My wife and I listened to Moondog\'s compositions obsessively during the winter of last year (2004/05) in Scotland. At around that time, my dear wife conceived our Son Myat Moondog Haggart without us realizing of course. The zeitgeist has been incredible from these early listening experiences that winter - I\'m Scottish but now live with my wife here in NYC. I work just around the corner on E. 58th St in a job where I play Moondog\'s 180g re-press LP on the magical Linn Sondek LP12 and this sounds incredible! Antony played Carnegie Hall recently and included a piece composed by Moondog. As people ask of our Sons name or it comes up in discussion, and we reply \"Moondog\", some replies of \"wow\" have even come from old friends of the very man himself. The other connections being that of Moondog\'s birthplace (USA) and his connection eventually to Germany. My wife was born in Germany but is by default a citizen of the USA. Thanks Louis Hardin, you have influenced another Moodog...

Todd Puckahber, 24.10.2005
Thank you for all your music. It is simply divine.

Patrik Lemberg, 13.10.2005, Homepage:
Big thanks to the creators of for your comprehensive information about Moondog. It\'s been of great help to me, and I have now linked my own website to Moondog\'s Corner.

mike, 09.10.2005
glad to find out a bit more about Moondog, whose music I have encountered from time to time. However, I would like to know if the \"died last year\" reference in the biography means 2004. (I suspect not) Documents which are not specific about publication dates are one of the (albeit many) banes of my life.

Christian, 08.10.2005
ich suche nach den Aufnahmen von "Tell it again". Gab es nur diese eine LP?

Michael Hassels, 27.09.2005
Seit ich 1969 \"Moondog 1\" zum ersten Mal hörte, liebe ich seine Musik. Nun liegt er in unserer Stadt begraben. Da wird man dann wohl nicht mehr mit vielen neuen Aufnahmen rechnen können (?) Aber wie ich der Discography entnehmen kann, gibt es noch genug Musik zu hören. Ich freue mich darauf. Einen lieben Gruß ann alle Moondogfans.

vladimir krulich
Hello, BIG THANKS ! I am fifty, I think, I am not music ignorant, but I found the music of Moondog six months ago, this web helps me much, now i have mostly recordings by Mr. Moondog, nice music,nice person. Thanks. Vladimir,Prague,Czech rep.

joanne Popkin, 31.08.2005
I met Moondog when I was about 10 years old. My parents had taken me and my brother to the city. They stopped and talked to him and bought some music. I probably stood there amazed. It is one of the more vivid memories of my childhood.

RODNEY KNOLTON, 25.08.2005
Thank you so much for giving Moondog the respect he so rightly deserves with your very honorable and impressive webpage dedicated to Louis Hardin/Moondog\'s memory and genius. I work in the music department at Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Memphis and have recently introduced Moondog to our employees and our customers. All are astounded and most impressed! If there is anything I could do to be of assistance in supporting your tremendous efforts please let me know. Respectfully, Rodney Knolton,

Shery Salzman, 25.08.2005
Thank you for the lovely Moondog site! very nicely put together and well done!

james, 18.08.2005
a man of beautiful works that changed my perspectives on most things in this life. Moondog\'s music will be forever in my heart.

John Charles Griffin, 15.08.2005
Recently was reminded of Moondog\'s work in an OXFORD MAGAZINE article which included a sampler cd songs featuring Hardin\'s \"Symphonique # 6\". His music, poetry, and character are fascinating.

Thomas Ahrndt.10.08.2005
I'm looking for a printed version from "Synchrony 2" for string quartet (this part of music what plays the Kronos Quartet on his CD "Early music"). Can anybody help me to get it?

David Ferreira, 21.07.2005 , Homepage:
Please do not let Moondog be forgotten...

Devin Hurd, 06.07.2005, Homepage:
I was thinking of Moondog as all the July 4th yahoo\'s outside were trying their best to blow out their own eyes. After a couple CDs I came accross your site. Nice. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul and wonderful composer. I hope to see a full biography published soon.

Patrick Ameche, 26.05.2005
Sadly missed the icon of the streets of New York. I used to pass by him with amazement when I was a teenager in the 1960\'s. His early life sounded so sad, but he found his happiness and dreams late in his life. New York no longer has these special talents. As all cities in America, everything has become homogenized. Wonderful web site for the memory the the very special \"Moondog\". Thank you

john cooper
Hi, Loved the latest release \"Pastoral Suite\". Any chance of repressing \"Honking Geese\" fot those of us that missed it first time round ?, Best wishes, Johnny.

Martin Weyers, 18.04.2005, Homepage:
Just wonderful to discover a website about one of my favourite composers moondog! He lived just around the corner, during his last couple of years, while I was a boy - unfortunately I had not heard about him at that point of time! I didn't know at all, that he was married. What more will I learn from you in future! Wishing all best, M.

Thomas Wasmer, 21.03.2005
many years ago i owned a moondog lp where he appeared on cover almost as a monk - then lost it in time`n space - now have found moondog`s music again - what a gift!! thanks to all are taking care for his works thomas wasmer

Mr. Cesare Giraldo, 14.03.2005
Back in the mid sixties, I used to stop at Sixth Avenue and 53rd. St, and exchange a few words with Moondog. Only a few years later, I learned that he was a composer and still haven~t yet heard his music. I was the founder of the United Nations Music Appreciation Club, at UN Hqts NYC and he delighted in asking me all sorts of questions. Please keep me posted for all newsletters. So long, Cesare

Fuzzy, 13.03.2005
Very sad on his demise music needs more like him

Knut Schlegtendal, 27.02.2005
Moondog´s Corner sehr informativ, wunderbar. Moondog wohnte 1974 ff. uns schräg gegenüber in der Altstadt von Recklinghausen (Pauls Örter), gab in der Altstadtschmiede, wo wir wohnten, mit zahlreichen Musikern in ertes Konzert "Edda - Die Entstehung der Welt", stand als Wikinger viel an der Alten Apotheke oder spielte bei uns Klavier; daraus wurde später ein sozio-kulturelles Zentrum. Er besuchte uns auch noch, als wir umgezogen waren. Wir haben gute Erinnerungen an ihn.

Richard Stockton, 21.02.2005,
I am looking for an album that Moondog recorded called "Unsyncopated Rhythm". If any of you devotees out there knows of this record or has it please email me. I would love to hear from you. Richard Stockton

don greg, 14.02.2005
thank you for this page ! thank you, thank you, thank you ! love, don

michael gulachok, 09.02.2005
thank you very much for the pastoral suite/surf session cd.. it was a delight! all best wishes, mike gulachok

Amanda, 05.02.2005, Homepage:
I enjoyed visiting your website, and invite you to visit ours as well, Artistopia at We are an artist development resource for musicians, singers, and songwriters. Keep up the good work!

horace grelch, 04.02.2005
I know what you mean about the 'zappa' thing, but he was doing this quite some time before and is far more diverse in my mind.

KEITH SHEPHERD, 21.01.2005

Alexander Peterhans, 10.01.2005
My brother gave me "The German Years" as a Christmas gift and I thought it was a wonderful record. Moondog had a great ear for melody, always with a small quirkiness in it, so as to make it more interesting and indeed haunting). The combinations of musical styles is quite impressive, especially how organically it is done. It makes the music kind of off-centre, but in such an incredibly subtle way. Now I find myself ordering each Moondog record that I can still possibly find. :)

P.E. Murphy, 04.01.2005
I believe I saw Moondog walking the streets of Toronto Canada in the early seventies. It did not click that this was the possibly the same person Fr. Gibson of St. Michael's College wanted to teach a course on Nordic religion(which caused a brief scandal when it was felt that the person actually was a practicing pagan). And the dress code of course. Later, when I heard a recording of Moondog's music I did not tie that person to the other two until I came to this website. Even worse, I seem to have missed that I have an affinity to his poetry as well. (Very early she determined that ermine was the fur she'd prefer to be interred in.) So was that unique personage wandering the cold streets of Toronto an imposter? Even with other oddities of that period I would doubt it, especially with that signature spear. Possibly his brief sojourn in Toronto was not an entirely happy one.

jonathan deere, 01.01.2005
Thank you for a wondeful site that has obvoiusly been prepared with love. I have ony recently come to hear of Moondog and your work has been a great help in learning more about this fascinating man and his music.


Julian, 03.12.2004
I am pleased to find a web site for Moondog. As a young boy my mother had a Moondog record. To this day the songs "tree frog", "be a hobo", and others remains a beautiful and sometimes haunting background that helped to weave my muscial tastes. Is this album, "Friends", available in CD or vinal form?

george paton, 01.12.2004
moondog's music is unforgetable once you have experienced it, hopefully more people can learn about both the music, and his life.

joerg nijmeijer, 28.11.2004
just bought the honking-geese-10"-reissue - the name moondog somehow sounded familiar and the songnames looked promising. I was amazed by the music within seconds! checked the web ("who is moondog??") and second stop after allmusic was this site. thanks a lot for this nnnnice site! next step will be: where can I find more moondog-vinyls?? :), joerg, 36, cologne/germany

Maxi Trautinger, 22.11.2004
Wow, I got the CD for christmas, wow. I am 13years old and live in austria!! wow. I am playing the saxophon, and i swear, onetime, i can play ol of his plays.Wow MfG Maxi

Luke Dileo, 18.11.2004 , Homepage:
As a young child I somehow had access to a Moondog 2 album. It really formed my taste and liking to music as a whole. Over the years it some how got miss placed as things often do. I wish i still had it. It was like the coolest thing I ever had. Does any one know where i can find a recording of Moondog 2 ? LUKE

paul m. reschauer, 12.11.2004
now I am listening "sax pax for a sax" with a very great pleasure -> thanks and continue.

Ed, 05.11.2004
I remember seeing Moondog often -- near the CBS building. It would have been when I was cutting high school (1969-1972) What I recall about him was a sense of immense kindness and gentleness. -Ed

jason dejarnette, 03.11.2004
thank you for the wonderful archives and discography of moondog's work. regards, jason dejarnette

michael sean coleman, 25.10.2004
i'm writing to you on a hazy day in St. Louis, MO., at home recovering from bi-lateral hernia surgery. first, let me applaude you, and all the contributors for this wonderful site..and it's trove of goodies. i recently discovered the spiritual music of this Louie Hardin, though i have been aware of him for some time. i came to it like many people through the Moondog album of 1969 (that anyways, those rounds and canons have brought me to tears so many times. so moving to me. i cannot beleive i waited so long to hear this stuff. my mind races with thoughts, but my point: i am thinking of my dear friend R. Richards of Portland, OR. its uncanny how he reminds me of Louie. he is completely unaware of Mr. Hardin. Ryan is 28. he was blinded at the age of 7 from cancer in the optic nerve. ryan and i shared a flat here for a year. ryan is a percussionist of the highest order. he has this amazing talent of circular breathing to create rythmic vocal accompniment to his keyboard and drumming pieces. i would play with him on the streets of st louis creating counterpoint to his notes on cheap casio keys, harmonica, or my trusty Moog Liberation. ryan always preferred making his own shoes and clothes from hemp, wool, and leather. he has the eyes of an angel, and looks right into your soul when he listens to you or responds in his articulate, sensitive, and often wry way. not an ounce of self pity exists in this man. i went out to portland in august to perform his wedding. its uncanny. do we have the living embodiment of at least the essence of Louis Harding walking amongst us? i feel that yes, we do. but then again Louis lives on in every one of us privileged enough to have been touched by his soulful and loving music. Bravo. >>michael

Lado, 20.10.2004
Encuentro a este vikingo de kansas entonando las antiguas notas del viento, y de la tierra, y no puedo dejar de añorar su mano extendida, derribando muros invisibles que separan nuestras percepciones perdidas, con notas musicales revolucionarias! Lado /Emeritas/ Andes de Vnezla: 19oct 2004.

steve, 17.10.2004
Hi, recently heard some background music on the TV. Realised it was from one of the albums by Moondog. An album I bought back in 1972 when I worked Saturday mornings in the Co-Op record store in Chesham. It is amazing how easy it is now to dig up the past! Steve

Name: rvonbargen, 07.10.2004
Just heard a recording of Bird's Lament from a sampler album and learned that it was Moondog. I also recognized it from the SUV commercials on tv. I hope his estate got some royalties from that. I remember Alan Freed calling himself King of the Moondoggers when I was in high school in NYC. I later recalled hearing about the lawsuit. In a way, Moondog is indirectly responsible for Rock 'n Roll because that was the name Freed began to use for his show and the music he was playing, after the suit by Moondog. The term had been a slang expression for sex originally and now has taken on a life and a meaning all its own, thanks to Freed and Moondog.

richard timmins, 15.09.2004
waiting for the lite @ 42nd&7th, i'm twelve, a little fellow of maybe 4 and a half feet. suddenly a gentle hand is placed on my shoulder and the voice of God asks if i would help him cross the street. i look up and sure as hell it is God, or close enough for me to almost faint dead away. i'll never foget you Moondog R.T.

Yex, 11.09.2004, Homepage:
I just learned about Moondog the other day from a magazine article. I heard a few of his songs, and he's amazing. I'm going to buy a couple of his albums. By the way, cool site. :-]

Mark Preston, 07.09.2004
What a great site this is.. I have always been in awe of Moondog, and now, thanks to this site, know more than ever.. I had no idea he had so many recordings, and only knew a lttle about the man himself. I'm happy to have a copy of the LP titled "Moondog" from 1969. Brilliant. I recall, back in the early 60's, my first encounter with the man. I was probably 16 or 17, and just walking around Manhattan, having to meet up with my father, who worked at the Hilton on 50 something street and 6th avenue, and recall walking by him, and time just seemed to stop at that moment. It was 54th and Sixth. There was something awesome of his presence, the statuesque stance, the tall, bearded figure, a viking standing tall, as though on the bow of some great viking vessel. I stopped and stared, and watched, and listened. I recall hearing him recite prose, and never flinching a muscle while standing there..I was so awed by him, I just had to stand there and watch and listen. I finally, after some length of time, dropped some coins in his cup. I saw him several times after that, over a period of years...I am saddened to hear of his passing, and will honor his memory by playing the music I have, two days from now, on September 8th. And now I'll surely be looing forward to hunting down, and buying more of this unique being's music.. It's been almost 40 years since I first saw him, and the memory of that day is as vivid as though it were yesterday... Tonight....I too, shall bark at the moon, and hope the master hears my sad symphony.. Mark Preston

Jonas, 05.09.2004
Once i heard MoonDog in a Radio Show. I was fascinated by his music because it was so emotional and......just fantastic!

Jamie Briton, 28.08.2004
I first read about Moondog in 1991 in "The Wire" magazine article. I liked very much the idea of him at the time. Yet it wasn't until 1998 that i first heard his music, on the CD of orchestral works, and choral rounds, featuring his daughter June. That was an epiphany !!! Now I own 9 of his CDs, and on the 20th of June,'99 a piece I composed and dedicated to Moondog called "Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow...,for Moondog" was performed at The Blue Mountains Conservatorium in Australia. The symmetry of his intellect is a wonderful thing, which appeals to me greatly. Indeed, he gave me a vernacular understanding of counterpoint. I was very sad to hear of his passing, and, like CAN, who i am sure knew of him, his music has had a major impact on my life, as CAN's did. Vale Louis - You are a strong and beautiful man and I Love you... Regards, Jamie Briton

Bruce Krohmer, 21.07.2004
I've listened to jazz and offbeat music all my life. At 13 I discovered John Cage, and a whole lot of stuff after that(Stockhausen, Varese, Sun Ra..). I also became a record collector, and have had a copy of 'On the Streets of New York' for some time. I wonder if anyone can tell me the value of this gem, no price guide that I can find lists it. Anyway, I love this man's music, it's just another example of the freshness of art in America.

Gary Colabuono, 14.07.2004
Back as a freshman in college, I played the 1969 album so often in my dorm room at Northen Illinois University that I got the nickname "Moondog". I later became the largest retailer of comic books in the country and called my business, "Moondog's". I've loved this man and his music for the past 35 years...

cathleen malmstrom, 13.07.2004
I recently learned of Moondog and something seemed familiar about him, as a person - not his music. Some research later, I realized I had encountered him many times when I was in college in NYC in the late 60s -but I'd never heard his music. My most vivid memory is of his viking helmet. I recall he was composing a "Moon Anthem", which I have never heard more of. I'm so happy to have finally discovered his music. It's enchanting!

Manfred Schloßer, 27.09.1951, 05.07.2004
Dear Moondog in the sky of music:I met you in the 70th in Recklinghausen (Germany), where I'm coming from. I remember big music-sessions with you together and the "Holy Flipps" (Laufi and others)in the "Baum" in Recklinghausen (Christmas in the middle of the 70th)and it was a great winter-sun-turning-party with all the drums, we played together. Yours iternal Manolito

Sabine Ledebur, 04.07.2004
It is time for a tribute to Moondog in New York!Therefore, I take the opportunity to publish this announcement on Moondogscorner. "Stefan Lakatos is the leading exponent of the Moondog method of drum playing", said Louis Hardin 1986. Stefan will be arriving from Sweden, to spend the month of July in New York, where he will pay tribute to the spirit of Moondog. WANTED! Looking for friends, lovers, contemporaries and aquaintances of Louis Hardin, a.k.a. MOONDOG. We are inviting musicians and artists to connect and network with Stefan Lakatos intimate friend and musical inheritor of Moondogs´ percussion instrument, the Trimba. A trimba performance and Moondog celebration are being planned and scheduled, so please stay posted and alert for upcoming times and dates. Those interested can reach Stefan Lakatos by email at or meet him at the corner of 54th Street and 6th Avenue, from the 9th - 25th of July, between 4 pm and 6 pm DAILY.

Tom Miller, 22.06.2004
In the early 50's I lived in a rented room at the corner of 54th and 6th in New York. Across the street on the west side were a series of diverse shops one of which was an orthapedic show store. The store had a deep entranceway from the street and Moondog would set up shop in this alcove. He would play his instruments and have sheets of poetry for sale. The audience would sit on the sidewalk to listen and enjoy his concert. As many as fifty and sixty people would congregate to hear him. It seemed to be one of his favorite venues.

peter wood, 16.06.2004, Homepage:
Me again. I trust my memory less and less but I want to say I remember Moondog with Viking gear and I'd swear he held a cigar box(begging alms?)which also was suspended by leather thongs. I also recall that his eyes were covered by leather flaps which seemed like extentions of his helmet. Could it have been a musical instrument he held? Great Site. Moondog has generated a lot of love!

peter wood, 16.06.2004, Homepage:
Now , its all pieced together, his life , his livingness. growing up in the fifties he was definetly a part of my life, periferally. Allen Freed and unbeknownst to me I saw him on the corner in NYC. one day.I was facinated by him and tried to imagine his home his pad. Im so pleased with your moondog site and your loving 'efforts' Thank you

Gareth Brady, 13.06.2004, Homepage:
Having came upon this site by chance I have very much enjoyed browsing through, particularly the articles and photos relating to the early years in New York which were very much part of the 'legend' whilst saxophonic was working with Louis during the 1990's. Maybe it's time to do another concert........ GB.

doris drache, 08.06.2004
you all- get the moondog 2 wonderfull canon rounds this music is happy childish -love pure beauty

Steve Koplowitz, 23.05.2004
As the person who first found and sold [on ebay]the mint copy of "Moondog and his honking geese" that has to be the copy that you folks got to make the CD from, I'm just happy that I played a part in making this recording available again to all the people who love Moon's music... like me.

Wayne Richardson, 14.05.2004, Homepage:
Glad you have set up an official site. "i've been a fan for 20 years or so now". hey thatd make a nice round!

lewis carroll, 13.05.2004
Moondog, you are the man. I have had your moondog release and I was impressed with birds lament. Then I picked up the London Saxophonic cd sax pax, and that was it, Im a huge fan now. thank you for your work, and I will promote your work to others and keep you vision alive. thanks

Marih-Eileen, 25.04.2004 um 18:34:38
What a stunning site for this marvellous and smashing musician! Moondog's Corner is a "wonderful world". Thanks a lot!

myria, 23.04.2004
hello everyone, knew moondog in the 60's, left nyc, found the site, looking for info to revisit, where is the monument located? (gallery/finally) thank you everyone

Douglas A. Fowler, 09.04.2004
His music is poetry and natural history all at once. Such musicians inspire those of us who teach physics and the other natural sciences. If anyone reads this and wishes to chat please write to me at

sandrine et guillaume, 26.03.2004
Hello, Thank you for creating this website! We discovered Moondog a few years ago and we're always happy to find out other fans. Pictures are really nice (particularly the series in Hamburg, and the one in the ad - by the way, did you finally find out if he ever got money for that?). I'm pretty sure Louis Hardin now joyfully drinks in Walhalla!

William A. Johnson, 05.03.2004, Homepage:
I have heard the name of Moondog, but I have never heard his music. This man must have loved jazz and classical music. If he liked Charlie Parker and J.S. Bach, then he had extrodinary taste in music. I now will have to listen to some of his music. He intrigues me. If he says that Bach is the first minimalist, then he obviously knows his music, and musicians. I am sure that William Burroughs would have liked this man. Now, Mr. Burroughs I did have the priviledge to meet. He was leaning on his cane, and he almost fell over. I did not know who William Burroughs was at the time, but I knew from his leaning, that I was in the presence of a great man. I can tell by just reading the biography of this musical giant, that he is a great man. To you, Mr. Lincoln.

Alex Clough, 12.02.2004
This is a great website!! I was very pleased that I was not his only fan. It's a shame that he did not receive the admiration that he truly deserved until after his death. He is a true insperation. This site is a fabulous resource! I'd like to thank Thomas for this site as well as the great EP CD "Honking Geese". I will continue to monitor the site for new entries

karen, 28.01.2004
i was coming home from class and for whatever reason I went to the back corner of Virgin Records. That is where I found this funkie music that I couldn't do without. As a matter of fact I am using Good for Goodie as the first piece for the choreogrtaphers showcase at the college conservatory of music. I love how Moondog has some many wonderful ways of poking fun at those of us who have learned to take life to seriously. Thanks Moondaog.

Phil Harding, 23.01.2004
One of Moondog's friends in Recklinghausen was Tom "Tornado" Klatt. Tom was one of the original founders of H'Art Musik which was founded 21 years ago in Bochum, then moved to Recklinghausen. H'Art stands for "Hardin's Art" named after Moondog. Tom told me that Moondog's Great Grandfather was the gunfighter John Wesley Harding (Bob Dylan Album), he later dropped the "g" to be called Hardin. I think it's ironic that after all these years my wife and I, both Harding's should be working at H'Art.

Andi, 14.01.2004
Glad I found his website. As a pupil I met moondog when he lived in Recklinghausen. Almost every day he could be found - dressed as a viking - standing at the corner of the old pharmacy (Alte Apotheke) in the city. For me he was kind of a monument of this town in those days. Moondog was one of the persons I will never forget. Andi

Frank Goebel 07.01.2004
Ein alter weiser Lehrer ist gegangen. Er hat uns durch seine Musik und seine Poesie etwas wundervolles, sehr filigranes und zerbrechliches geschenkt. Einen Schlüssel aus Glas... für das Burgtor zu uns Selbst. Meinem Freund und Lehrer L.T. Hardin

Khurshed Bhumgara, 02.01.2004
Working in mid-town Manhattan I saw Moondog often and always marvelled at his presence and his music.


mick mordell, 29.12.2003, Homepage:
in the mid sixties, no jaunt to nyc from my home in philly was considered complete without at least one moondog sighting and streetcorner concert. it was through an unintended "moondog consiousness" that i was later able to open my ears to ornette coleman, archie shepp, albert ayler and many others. thanks moon, for opening my ears, and my mind.

Dale Collins, 22.12.2003
I first heard Moondog while living in Bochum and promptly picked up several of his CDs there (Rooftop Music). I later had the opportunity to hear him live at the Moers Jazz festival and also with the London Saxophonic in Waltrop, not far from Bochum. Simply incredible. Elpmas is probably my favorite album, closely followed by Sax Pax and Big Band. An incredible discovery for me.

franck, 14.12.2003
i discover moondog just a week ago and i'm sorry of that. he is a great composer, i really like the 'elf dance' thank's for the site

Bob Mirabile, 04.12.2003, Homepage: http://www.thehuntgroupinc.
met him when i was a kid... i was eight or 9 or 10 , he was cool, my parents almost freaked. the 6th grade teacher who brought us in to see a taping of jeopardy at NBC went white went i was in his presence and had a great talk with him bought his albums thought i recognized his work in Mercury Commercials weird juxaposition, i think he would have laughed at it any body else hear his influence on that culture/enviornmental storm s the SUV?

Eleonore Reed, 01.12.2003
I only just discovered the music of Moondog at a concert in London, as part of the Jazz Festival. The concert featured Britten Sinfonia(an orchestra to watch out for), with soloists Joanna McGregor (director and piano), Andy Sheppard (saxophone), Shrikanth Sriram (tablas)and Joby Burgess (percussion). I was overwhelmed and wanted to find out what the original Moondog sounded like. This is how I came across this website and ordered the Honking Geese CD. Thank you very much Thomas. Eleonore

wim kunst, 27.11.2003
After more than 30 years I bought the CD (incl. 26 madrigals of Moondog. I've got the original LP. It still thrills me. Amazing music of a genius! Wim Kunst, The Netherlands

keith slater, 22.11.2003

alicefayelove, 20.11.2003
i took some photo's of moondog in ny the first time he met his daughter(1990 i think) he was performing in brookland.would like so send copies to her if possible. would have done so sooner but i have just caught up to the web.would love to show these also.

Chris Bovingdon, 15.11.2003
Where is he buried?

Wolfgang Gnida, 28.9.2003
Kaum kommen die hupenden Gänse in Fahrt sind sie auch schon wieder weg. 'Honking Geese' ist leider viel zu kurz. Trotzdem Dank an deine übersichtliche Website mit unendlichen vielen Informationen. wolfgang

Michael, 14.8. 2003,
I worked as his copyist in the period after Moondog's Columbia orchestra album was released, and before the album of rounds(1969-1971).We became good friends. thanks for the site.

Chris Albertson, Aug 13 2003
There was only one--good to see a site devoted to him.

Ero Lehtonen, Aug 12 2003,
OM-MANI-PADME-HUM, I was very fortuned to hear MOONDOG LIVE in Stockholm at the end of the eighties I´m not quite sure about the year, probably it was in 1989). Moondog performed at Kulturhuset in Stockholm conducting a small choir. I remember the beauty and the rare feeling of uniqueness of that special event - much of which I have to thank my lovely companion, Carina, for, too. I will always remember that concert, as well as many other things . . . with Carina. . . * All Is

vitor cravo, Jul 24 2003,
what happens once last for ever

Magnus, Jul 10 2003,
Right this very moment I'm listenig to the "Elpmas" Album for the first time - a truly gem which i founded by a spelling mistake - and I'm really thankful for this mistake ! After listening the first pieces i wanted to know more bout this man - and - wow - what an interessting man ! Thx for all the information bout him + his music - Regards Magnus

Tony Vick, Jun 19 2003,,
Many thanks to Thomas Heinrich and Moondog's Corner for repressing the "Honking Geese" E.P. Great tunes & great sound for a great price. I'm very proud to offer the "Honking Geese" E.P. at Lou's Records in San Diego County, USA. For all Moondog fans out there, do not hesitate to pick up a copy! To Thomas, Keep up the great work on the site, this world needs the music of Louis "Moondog" Hardin more than ever. Thanks, Tony Vick/Lou's Records

Milo van den Assem, Jun 10 2003,
This site is worldclass! And the HONKING GEESE CD is FABULOUS!! Thanks Thomas, I will visit this site a lot and if other reissues show up I will buy them instantly. Keep up the good work you're great!

Sphinx, May 28 2003,
Moondog is more than an inspiration to me. Pieces like "Theme" or "Pastoral" nearly made me cry. Wonderful site, I'll be back.

Larry Arnold, May 4 2003,,
I have been familiar with Moondog since the 60's when my dad bought the streets of new york EP. When I first came on the internet I serched for Moondog but there was not much material then but he was still alive apparantly. Then I lernt that he died. One of the true eccentrics of the last century who makes me look pale in comparison

Eric Lundgren, Apr 19 2003,
Where can I obtain sheet music, in particular moondogs 17 pieces for piano? IIona Summers does not respond and I notice is no longer listed on this site. Moondog wrote so much good music surely someone is publishing it!

luke, Apr 10 2003,
Wow , I am so glad I have come across Moondog , I thought I was complete when I heard Captain Beefheart! I have "sax pax for a sax" and "Moondog 1 and 2" ordered! Perfect amount of classical,jazz and avantegarde! Thanks for the great website!

Frank Kelsey, Apr 8 2003,
I saw Moondog several times back in late 50s, early 60s, when I was a 19-20 & new to NYC. Exploring the City, I'd ocassionally come upon him in his viking outfit. I never saw him move, didn't know he was blind, nor a musician. Thanks so much for the site. I'll listen to his music. Thanks for the memories

moondog,jr, Apr 1 2003,
what's that song i keep thinking of? it goes da-da-duh-duh-dum-da-da-dooo

Steve Smith, Mar 27 2003,
Glad I found this site!!!

David Martin, Mar 17 2003,
I just love Moondog's music

Uli, Mar 16 2003,
I'm not sure but it may be taken from the article by Natalie Davis: The Man With The Face Of Christ, in: P. M. (obviously a newspaper from New York) January 13 1945, see 'Bibliography' No 5. Uli

Niklas, Mar 15 2003
Where is The Man with the face of Christ picture taken from, anyone know the history of that picture?

pete bond, Mar 4 2003,,
Just now there is a UK TV ad running with Moondog's music on. The same track has also been on a number of lifestyle programmes, like a gardening programme for example. I know instantly it was Moondog even though I have not heared the track since about 1972. I did a one word search and instantly here I am. Thanks for this great site. Look forward to hearing the EP.

John Gray, Feb 26 2003,
Delighted to discover the site, and so much about Moondog. Just received my 'Honking Geese' CD and am enjoying that immensely. Congratulations and thanks!

Shaun Brown, Feb 14 2003,
Thank you for a nice morning reading about a guy whose music is so unique. A great site. Great site. Shaun

Bill Kulze, Jan 14 2003,,
To continue, I'm going to get the pictures on my web page. I've since found out that when Moondog passed away, a memorial of sorts was held in town in his memory. I'm not sure if most people there were aware of his accomplishments.

Bill Kulze, Jan 13 07:12:10 2003,,
I greww up in a small village in upstate New York. Moondog had a cabin/shack in the hills there. I saw him once in 1971 at our 4th of July Carnival. The Ferris Wheel had stopped with me at the top and I saw him down below surrounded by kids. I didn't know much about him. In the late 70's I found Moondog 2 in a record store in Honolulu. I didn't realize how fascinating rounds could be, or how a single melody could produce 7 part harmony. I've got pictures of his old shack which I took in 1997. I'

Simon Curry, Jan 5 2003,
I by chance did a search on Moondog & hey presto I ended up on the site! It is really nice to find so many fans! I bought a couple of Moondog albums during the 70's - still enjoyed.

Charles Blackwell, Jan 4 23:44:18 2003, onelung@cetlink,net
I was M.C, House Comic, Talent Coord. and dishwasher at the Fat Black Pussy Cat, 105 McDougal in early 60s. Moondog performed for us many times. I arranged to get Moondog, Tiny Tim and Hugh Romey (Later Wavy Gravy) together with a producer for a show. Somewhere I have a music publication on 'overtones' by Moondog with a great drawing of himself on the cover.Very glad to see homage to Moon.


jim dog, Dec 14 2002,
i sat next to moondog one afternoon. he stood there and i sat, the two of us in midtown manhattan. every once and awhile he would shift his weight or take a deep breath. later i bought his album i've never heard anything like it before or since. maybe one day i will stand there too.

robert silverman, Dec 14 2002,

sonny martinez, Dec 5 2002
tried to call germany & talk to monndog for about a week before he died. being a drummer, i wnated to tell him that he was my favorite drummer and hero nest to a couple of other people.

danskfox, Nov 30 2002,
Great website and great info on a unique musician and artist. The "honking geese" CD is a find also. Thanks and I look forward to coming back in the future.

Dawn Hirsch, Nov 26 2002,
I'm doing a project on Moondog (Making a postage stamp in tribute) and this site was very informative and helpful for me. I think that Moondog was an impressive man with an attitude all his own. Thanks for having a great site filled with useful information.

Richard E. Sanner, Nov 21 2002,
Christopher, Nov 21 2002,
I've just recently discovered Moondog,and would like to thank you for an overwhelming amount of information about him.Keep it coming. WeirdoMusic, Nov 15 2002,,
Your site is a wonderful piece of work!

Nelson Yandura, Nov 7 2002,

Paul Moore,, Nov 4 2002 what can i say wonderful work, while researching a book on one man bands i decided to renew myself with Moondog and i am very pleased i did .. Thank you for your wonderful site, Paul.

T.L. Winslow,, Nov 3 2002,
I woke up at the butt crack of dawn today and saw a bunny.

moondogz1, Oct 28 2002,

Anntelope, Oct 27 2002,,
coming to you from the Lower East Side of New York. I used to see Moondog back in the sixties when I was a folk singer. I have a little poetry website called with a very lively little guestbook section called the wall of living graffiti. I am always looking for poets and I am always looking for visitors to the guestbook also.

lawills, Oct 27 2002, lawills@earthlink
Is moondog connected to Mr. Scruff and the tune on the Lincoln Navigator commercials. I have a recording from the 1970's from a NPR radio broadcast, that sounds the same.

Julien Esquié, Oct 1 2002,,
This site is very interesting. I know it since last week and I learn a lot of things. I hope the poetry section will be completed. Congratulations.

John A Workman, Sep 28 2002,
Just discovered Moondog's site and am sad to hear of his passing,but delighted to have found out more about him and his musical life.Back in 1966, a friend and I visited New York for the first time>we were living in Montreal at the time,and on a whim decided to check out NYC>It was wonderful,wild, fun,friendly and full of surprises,especially this wild Viking guy standing on the corner with his horned helmet and spear and the whole green costume thing,boots etc. I thought,yes, this is quite the

John M. Gitelman, Sep 6 2002,
When I was younger, my dad brought the album Moondog home. My sisters and I received years of pleasure listening to it. Now he's back!

clark dimond, Sep 4 2002,
Oddly I know both the 1953 Mars Moondog and the comic book from entirely different disciplines in my life. I have thought a lot of what that record taught me about music and art. Moondog is valid.

jospale, Sep 2 2002,,
heard moondog once on the radio, only 'bird's lament', now searching for years for a bit information about the mystic MOONDOG, now i've found what i had been searching for, thanks for this great site -- question: where is and lives moondog now ??? lots of greetings, johanna

saeba, Sep 2 2002,,
nice page and great content, nice to see that web isn't just a word, just a layout or a frontpage, this page has a simple design but a great content, and that's what web is for

Jan, Aug 28 2002
Louis brought colour in the grey painting of life, and I shall always have a special place for the man and his music in my heart.

Gerhard Battmer, Aug 24 2002,,
When machines were mice and men were lions, it was once upon a time. But now it is the opposite -it's twice upon a time. ...I think this is what a lot of us first heard from Moondog on some CBS Underground sampler at the end of the sixties. About ten years later I bought M in Euope & L'ArtSongs on a festival organized by the German Communist Party... Choo Choo Lullaby became a special song for my daughters ... and now I found Moondogscorner. So now it's thrice upon a time... Thank you for you

Stuart Lee, Aug 4 2002,
Thank you for an endearing,beautiful and insightful website. I became enamored with Moondog as a child. The Moondog album has been in my family home since I can remember. I'm 37 now and I am still as enamored.

Chuck, Jul 20 2002,
Great site! I got Moondog's first album in the seventies then kinda lost track of him. Then recently heard lament on a mercury commercial and started picking up the CD's. I'm looking forward to learning more about him

Alison, Jul 13 2002,
I recently bought 'The Milleniad, Book 1' at a flea market. On the first page it has written - Nov. 17th 1959 recieved, and under that is the signature Moondog, with Louis beneath it. It is in fairly good condition - and i was just wondering if this would be worth anything since I believe the signature to actually be Moondogs. E-mail me and inform me about the book signing.

Bruce M. Foster, Jul 10 2002,
The car commercial is (if memory serves) the composition The Witch of Endor. I am one of those who remembers Mr. Hardin from countless bus rides on the Sixth Avenue bus line as a child and as a young man to MoMA and its environs. He was a reality in life that is sorely missed sometimes.

Bruce Foster, Jul 10 2002,
Do loose the grid for security characters background. It does no aid in rapid readability. In fact it hinders it.

Bruce Foster, Jul 10 2002,
Came here for information. Got it. Good work. Keep it up. Send me info. I write.

David Liebtag, Jun 21 07:09:32 2002,
I first heard Moondog just a few years ago (in the late 90's) on a public television program. He was playing music from Pax for Sax. If anyone knows where to get a copy of that program, I would love to hear about it. Thank you.

Rob Illingworth, Jun 13 2002,
Many thanx 4 my CD copy of Moondog's Honking Geese- It's a fantastic "missing link" recording: Moondog rhythms at a hot-jazz tempo! Regards, Rob

mark w, Jun 12 2002,
Hello music lovers! First heard a Moondog track on a CBS sampler from the early 70s - 'Fill Your Head With Rock'. Heard nothing since and then came across a re-issue of the 'Moondog' album at Record Collector in Sheffield, England, in May (2002). Any tips on where to find more Moondog on vynil would be much appreciated.

Thorsten Claus, Jun 6 2002,,
FYI about that third track go to:

Thorsten Claus, Jun 6 2002,,
Wow!1994 I had the habit to blindly buy 10 CDs every month,and I grabbed ::moondog::SaxPaxForASax:: not knowing what THAT was,but it stunned me deeply!I don't know where that CD ended,now working in San Mateo,CA, but I just met a beautiful trainee,fell in love,we drove around,she inserted a CD called "sunsets"(Released June 12, 2001),track 3 started,and I could not believe what I heard!

Lisa CollinsJun 5 04:42:31 2002,
I'm Moondog's "other" daughter. I'm saddened that those who wrote his obituary couldn't do enough detective work to find out my name. We were in contact for two years, from 1989 to 1991. I will always miss him, despite the brevity of our reacquaintance. Thanks for showing a picture of his grave. The work you are doing on this site is very much appreciated.

Chris Browne, May 26 2002,
My father knew Moondog from the streets of New York. Perhaps this viking encounter was part of inspiration for my dad's creation Hagar the Horrible. I met Moondog years later at a performance in Silvermine, Connecticut. An amazing man. I love the Moondog album. I keep seeing a car commercial that is using a Moondog composition- do you know which one? Thanks. Chris

david a j facey, May 12 2002,,
at last after all these years.....

olivier dao, May 12 2002,
I discovered Moondog's music in a bookshop a month ago and immediately bought the record ('In Europe'). Very inspiring. I love this subtle mixture of both austerity and innocence in his works. I'm planning to get all the other CDs I can find. Thanx for your very informative site.

Lee, May 6 2002,
Correction to previous entry: The Lincoln add music is most probably taken from "Bird's Lament", found on the same album...not "Witch of Endor". Sorry for the mistake.

Lee, May 6 2002,
A fine and informative site. Yes, the music in the Lincoln Navigator add is from the Dance movement of "Witch of Endor", part of a ballet Moondog wrote for Martha Graham...jazzed up a little. It is found on the "Moondog" album.

Hal Lamster, May 4 2002,,
I have been a big fan of Moondog for 35 years when I first bought some of his poetry on 6th Avenue in NYC. I have a couple of his albums and often listen to them. I have recently heard his music on a Lincoln (Automobile) commercial. I am positive that it is Mr. Hardins music. Has GM properly purchased the rights? I hope so. It was great fun realizing it was his music. I have seen the commercial a few times now and I am sure it is his.

John Rozdilsky, Apr 30 2002,
This site has been a wonderful resource for Moondog fans. If it were not for the cheerful effciency and dedication of Ilona Sommer, I doubt if I would have found Moondog's European CDs. His music is a welcome antidote for the music that only strives for novelty. There is a timelessness in his work that I find inspiring.

Sue, Apr 23 2002,
I'm sure the maestro, from wherever he is now, will look into this website about his life and be content!

abbie phillips, Apr 12 2002,
I dig this deeply

Bob Carlson, Apr 3 2002,
I have recently learned, with great interest, of Louis Harding's roots to Marysville Kansas and our Main Street Organization is truly interested in enhancing our awareness of Moondog's early ties here. Thanks for the website. Bob Carlson

stevieo, Mar 29 2002
i recently saw a bought sax pax seeing it on display in a record store. i thought to my self what a coincidence because as a kid i knew someone named moondog. after closer inspection of the cd, it was moondog! i first met moondog in the 1960's. my grandparents lived nearby to moondog's spot on 6th ave. around 54th st. i was about 10 or 12 years old at the time and was walking with my grandfather to his office on 6th ave. one summer morning. i asked my grandfather "what's with the

Randall, Mar 15 2002,
Thank you so much for maintaining this site!


Markus Muench, Mar 2 2002,,">Homepage)
...Moondog habe ich in meinen Teen-jahren entdeckt und mir mein letztes Taschengeld für die CBS- Platte ausgegeben. Da die Platte nicht mehr im Handel war, war es damals enorm schwer überhaupt etwas von diesem komischen Wickinger zu bekommen. Schon alleine das Cover hatte für mich eine extrem heilsame Ausstrahlung. Er ist und bleibt ein Synonym für absolute Gedankenfreiheit. Er bestärkt in dem Mut das zu machen,

Barry L. Cohen, Feb 26 2002,,

Rich Mauro, Feb 24 2002,
I saw Moondog in NYC in the sixties; impressive and inspiring. Over the years I have touched upon his music and as of late have been searching him out, only to find him gone. My sincere thanks to the creator of this site for keeping the memory of both Hardin and Metzger's character alive in cyberspace.

gerry ward, Feb 12 2002, gfandemward"
glad to know that mr.hardin will be remembered and his work appreciated for many years to come, thank you

David A. Bean, Feb 9 2002,
I had read of Moondog years ago in Rolling Stone, and have seen references to him since. The audio clips are interesting.

Chris Opperman, Feb 7 2002,,
I discovered the music of Moondog by accident, and I'm glad I did. His music is wonderful.

Toivo Burlin, Feb 4 2002,
Just want to say that this seems to be a very good site! I´m a musicologist and composer, and i get in touch with Moondogs fantastic music just a year ago. Moondog is not very known in Sweden but i hope that will change. Right now its difficult for me to critizise this site, its well done, and i have just downloaded all the articles. I will return! Good luck!

bougrelas, Jan 31 2002,
just listening to that "Honking Geese" cd you send me again and again! WOW! great performance!! fresh and unique. to everyone out there: if you don't already have it- GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!! it's a must have....

Tony Schwartz, Jan 22 2002,
I was the first to record Moondog and the story of his life. His father lived on an Indian reservation, and in later years his son lived next to me on 57th street in New York. I made many early recordings of Moondog in many situations. Tony

reinhold.hegemann,Jan 22 2002,
Lebt Moondog noch?Und wie kann man ihn erreichen?Der WDR interessiert sich.

sando, Jan 10 2002,
ich bleibe dabei! BESTE site über MOONDOG überhaupt. was du hier nicht findest, gibt es nicht! und man findet immer mehr hier..... danke Thomas!

steve pastore, Jan 6 2002,
I used to see moondog standing outside of CBS records near 6th avenue and 56st. Day and night. you gave him a quarter and he spoke a poem, if you dared appraoch him. His presence was powerful. And he wore Viking gear, horned helmet, spear; kind of strong looking. This was real treat in a very plastic part of the world. He was a memorable individual. I can't remember that many other faces from the late 1960's. His solitary pose seemed to be...not an omen, but rather a beacon, pointing with hi

Klaus Richter, Jan 4 2002,
Hallo Thomas, ich bin von dieser homepage begeistert. Ich habe in der Vergangenheit schon das eine andere Mal "sehr" amateurhaft nach Moondog im Internet gesucht habe, wohl wissend, dass ich sowieso nichts finde.

Mario Hickl, Jan 3 2002,
Ich habe noch etwas vergessen: die Homepage ist einzigartig und sehr informativ. Ich habe nicht geglaubt, im Internet so ausführliche Infos zu Moondog zu erhalten. Danke!


Hammond Guthrie, Dec 20 2001,,
Seasonal greetings to all at Moondog's Corner and best wishes for a new and less stressful new year. - Please take a moment to read my Xiphoneric essay "Just Notations" via the 'homepage' link above. As fans of the composer I hope you enjoy the moment. - Regards, Hammond

Fredi Towbin, Aug 9 2001
Liz Sheridan (Jerry Seinfeld's tv mother)wrote an autiobiography about her affair with James Dean in NYC in the l950's. Includes several lovely recollections of Moondog. Book is called "Dizzy & Jimmy"(Harper Collins publisher).Also novel by Jane Shapiro "After Moondog." I used to see Moondog every day when I was a publicist at Columbia Records.He stood on the North side of Blackrock, as CBS building was called. Sometimes he'd be infront of the Warwick Hotel a few blocks North.We all wondered whe