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Noodle Shop: Moon Dog Girl Noodle Shop (Sparkling Beatnik Records)

1 Leopold in Mali
2 Old World Kraftsmanship
3 Every Pregnant Woman's Worst Nightmare
4 Moondog's Blues
5 Medley: Distressed Passenger / Like Walkin' on Your Nose / Old World Kraftsmanship Part 2
6 Songs My Grandmother Taught Me
7 Medley: I Wasn't Aware That I Wasn't Awake / The Sonny Blount Side of the Street / Little Onions
8 Neon Noodle
From a review:

Elliott Sharp, guitar, 12-string, baritone and Hawaiian guitar, 6-string bass, bass clarinet, alto sax; John Kruth, 4-string electric, steel & acoustic mandolin, mandocello, flute, penny whistle, lira, harmonica, sheng; Jonathan Segel, violin, guitar, piano, mandocello, dulcimer; Atilla Engin, percussion, ektara, voice. These varied improvisers got together to record an avant-tribal session in memory of Moondog, the brilliant and influential street musician who died in mid-September of 1999.