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Space Team Electra: Space Apple Deluxe (Independent Release, 1999)
1 Improvisation #1
2 What's That Wall Song
3 Never Never Land
4 6 Liter Galaxy
5 Spherically Shaped and Orange Colored Fruit
6 Possum
7 A Little Help From My Drunk Friends
8 Improvisation #2
9 Scurry (for Moondog)

From a review:

The sound of Space Team Elektra combines space age 1980s sound a la early Church or New Order with the modern Yo la Tengo-like drones. This EP was recorded live in the studio in one night in a Chicago recording studio. Many of the songs lack structure, such as "What's the Wall Song?" which has the female singer, Myshel, chanting/babbling over a random improvisation (the liner notes suggest that Myshel did not know the words for this particular song). Myshel gets her stuff together for "Never Never Land", "Possum" and "Glitter Galaxy". Both tunes have great guitar lines by Bill Kunkel who can change the feel for a song by changing from a plucky space-pop song exploration to thrashing chords. When the band is not playing well-crafted pop songs, they are pushing the space rock envelope with "Improvisation #1" and "Improvisation #2". These two jams resemble the improvisations that cane be found on Phish's Siket Disc and show the experimental side to Space Team Electra's sound. There are a few covers: one was "Spherically Shaped and Oranges Colored Fruit" by Led Zeppelin (translation: "Tangerine"). A great Zeppelin tune that is given the utmost respect with this version. Another cover was a random solo piano version of "A Little Help From My Friends". Corresponding with the albums song titles, there are the time of the evening that the song was recorded. For instance, the opening track, "Improvisation #1" was played at 10:07 PM while final track, "Scurry (for Moondog)" emitted its first notes at 4:59 AM. For an EP that was recorded in one evening, this recording is great snapshot of the future capabilities of this band. I can't wait for what lies ahead.